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JA of Southeast Texas Staff


 Joseph Burke             

 President                                                  713.337.4768
 Marlene Meyers  Business Manager                                 713.337.4763
 Liisa Williams             Accountant   713.337.4764



 Stephanie Canahuati  Special Events Manager  713.337.4781
 Monica Caudillo  Philanthropy Advisor  713.337.4771

 Nikki Hanley

 Special Events Manager  713.337.4777
 Jim McCaskill  Director of Community Partnerships  713.337.4780
 Ryan Purser  Vice President of Special Events  713.337.4770
 Quinton Smith  Special Events Manager  713.337.4773
 Camryn Wells  Grant Writer   713.682.4500



 Jennifer Anderson           Executive Vice President - Education           713.337.4790
 Courtney Azuike  District Director - Katy  281.396.2439
 Tiffany Burgdorf  Program Manager  713.682.4500
 Ne'Cole Caldwell  Vice President of Education  713.337.4769

 Suma Chavez 

 Executive Assistant  713.337.4787
 Rebecca Coulter  Program Manager - North  713.337.4772
 Carla Crowe  Program Manager - Central  713.337.4791
 Tania Daniel  District Director - Fort Bend  281.634.5688
 Monica Espinosa  Program Manager - Training and Quality  713.337.4782

 Kimberly Green  Program Manager - East  713.337.4797
 Judy Knocke  District Director - Conroe  832.515.8430
 Patty Lalonde  District Director - East  713.337.4789
 Wayne Lutz  Senior Program Manager - JA Inspire  713.337.4762
 Gustavo Nolasco  Shipping Clerk  713.337.4767
 Becky Neeley  Program Manager - Conroe  936.709.7907
 Jordan Parker  Program Manager - North  713.337.4784
 Caroline Philip  Program Manager - Fort Bend  832.289.4471
 Cathya Rivera  Program Manager - West  713.337.4779
 Tiffany Simple  Senior Program Manager - West  713.337.4788
 Aliyah Thomas  Program Manager - Katy  281.396.2366
 Maria Torbit  Executive Assistant - Katy  281.396.2389
 Michelle West  Executive Assistant  713.337.4778

 Jalissa Wilson

 Program Manager - Central  713.337.4783
 Rachael Winebrenner  Senior Executive Assistant  713.337.4786


JA Capstone

 DeJeania Jones  Vice President - Capstone Programing  713.337.4793
 Tina Oliver  Capstone Manager  713.337.4792
 Jason Richards  Capstone Manager  713.337.4796

 Tiffany Spates

 Capstone Manager  713.337.4745
 Karen St. Fort  Capstone Manager  713.337.4794


  • "The moment I saw my daughter's eyes light up when she realized what she had learned in school was being applied at JA BizTown was the moment I saw how important JA was to her and me. We love JA."

    -Junior Achievement Parent
  • "All the students were engaged and active during the JA Program. They felt part of a community, and visualized their future as valuable citizens."

    -Junior Achievement Educator
  • "Teaching Junior Achievement has been the most rewarding thing I've done in my children's schools."

    -Junior Achievement Volunteer
  • "The Junior Achievement curriculum has provided real life, hands on experiences for our students."

    -Junior Achievement Educator
  • "Junior Achievement helped me develop the knowledge and confidence I needed to build a rewarding professional and personal life."

    -Junior Achievement Alumnus
  • "Through my volunteer experience with Junior Achievement, I realized the important role mentors play in the lives of young people in our community."

    -Junior Achievement Volunteer
  • "It (Junior Achievement) opens kids' eyes to what is going on in the rest of the world and the global marketplace, preparing them for life after school."

    -Junior Achievement Educator

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