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JA Wants to Know: What’s Downloading from your App Store?

A Tech Crunch article reports the average smartphone owner uses about nine apps per day. Which begs the question, what apps are best for your children?

In an eSpark Learning study, researchers reported, “New data show that educational apps are linked to compelling increases in student achievement…The data also show that apps that are more academically effective are correlated with higher engagement ratings. Students find effective educational apps fun, suggesting that these learning gains are sustainable.”

Luckily for parents AND students, Junior Achievement (JA) has created four apps that will turn any k-12 student’s screen time into educational entertainment.

From JA My Way™, a web app that provides tips and tools to help put students’ career aspirations on the express track to JA Success Park®,where students will learn the skills they need to succeed in today's job market, parents can be assured that their student's attention is focused on the future.

Other Junior Achievement apps include JA Build Your Future®, an interactive app that helps teens, parents, and teachers break down the cost of achieving dreams and goals as well as JA Assembling Your Career ™, which brings teachers, corporate volunteers and non-profit youth programs to middle and high school students to give them a better insight to a career in STEM.

Ready to help your child succeed? Click here to learn more about the JA Apps.

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