Program Results

  • JA students scored significantly higher on objective-referenced test than on non-participating peers.
  • A study by Western Institute of or Research and Evaluation shows that student participating over consecutive years have more economics and business knowledge and better comprehension of concepts and skills than non-participating peers.
  • Students benefit by developing an awareness of our free enterprise economic system.
  • 95% of teachers and 92% of volunteers who have brought the JA experience to the classroom report JA students develop a better understanding of how the real world operates.
  • 76% of teachers and volunteers (nearly 8 out of 10) report that JA better prepares students for the world of work.
  • 75% of teachers and volunteers say that JA programs help students realize the importance of staying in school.
  • JA volunteers benefit though personal development and fulfillment of knowing they are making a difference in the lives of kids.
  • Businesses benefit by providing a better educated workforce, consumers, and leaders for the future