"I completed my volunteer teaching today at Daniel Wertz school and what a great experience.  It's simply a joy to hear and understand how much these students learned this week and how much they remembered.  Thank you for including me with this program!

I have to share the nice gift the class gave me.  Look at this cute pumpkin with each of the student's hand prints.  So special!"

- Mary, Berry Plastics employee

"We don't have a lot of economics in our Social Studies school work. The Junior Achievement program gives a good course on this subject. There are always three to four questions on ISTEP testing about material only taught in JA. Thank you!!"


Susan, Retired Teacher who volunteers for JA classes and coordinates other volunteers in the community representing Spencer County.

"We tend to forget as adults that our school curriculum does not often allow the teachers to focus on financial and business aspects. We stress the importance of an education but often forget that we must be lifelong learners and work together as a team if we are to make improvements in our community/region. I have been fortunate enough to teach two JA classes and I can report that at 58 I have learned concepts that I had previously thought unimportant to a retired teacher. Whether working or retired, we still must be involved with our youth. Their enthusiasm, energy and eagerness to explore new activities give the JA instructors a chance to plant the seeds of knowledge. They are our future and I want them to be well-informed and aware of what it will take to be successful. Good luck JA and continue your great work!"

- Brenda, West Elementary Social Studies teacher


"JA is a good program because it helps me make the right choices in the future and makes me interested in a job that I will like. It teaches me strategies on how to get a job and proper manners on how I should act in an interview."

- Fifth grade student

"I put my JA experience on an application for a bank teller position. The bank called me in for an interview, but as a loan analyst. It turns out that the bank president was a classroom volunteer and knew first-hand what JA had taught me!"

- Former JA student

"JA provides instruction on realistic things that are going on in this world and the kids open up and begin to believe in themselves."

- 12th grade teacher

"The economic events of the past several years have left a meaningful impression on the students we serve. They hear about the global and national recession on the news and they see the stress on their parents' faces as their families deal with difficult financial situations. These young people express a sincere desire to understand what they can do in their personal lives to become master of their financial futures. Junior Achievement offers us the opportunity to have one of the most meaningful impacts on a young person; one that starts them on a path to financial freedom through financial literacy and education."

- Luke Yaeger, President of Evansville Commerce Bank and Junior Achievement Board Member

"Two years ago, we implemented the JA Program with our 7th grade students and we were very pleased with the program and the presenters. One of our Standards is Economics and we definitely saw an improvement in the students' understanding of Economics subject matter due to the JA program. Unfortunately, we were unable to fit the program in last year after losing so many school days to snow days. However, this year we are definitely wanting to implement the program at the 7th grade level again!"

- Chrissy, a Castle South social studies teacher


"Thanks so much! We really appreciate all that JA does for us and makes available to our students!!!! Our school had more students recognized at the STAR Student Awards, than any other school in the area, and I think that programs such as your helps make this happen!"

-Susie, Guideance Counselor at North Posey Middle School


"The Warrick County School Corporation is working with Junior Achievement to provide students with career information an job-shadowing opportunities this year. We realize that it is critical for students to explore careers and actually know what careers entail rather than just pick one because the salary is good or it seems glamorous. Junior Achievement also helps students get a reality check with financial literacy- which is something from which everyone benefits. This is just a snapshot of two of the many programs that Junior Achievement provides for students in Warrick County. We certainly appreciate their partnership and efforts!"

-Jane, Dr. of Primary Curriculum & Instruction, Warrick Co. School Corporation