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JA EduSpark Professional Growth Point Course

We are excited to partner with The Public Education Foundation of Evansville, Inc., to bring you JA EduSpark.

JA EduSpark

  • Ocotber 1, 2019 
  • 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm CT
  • Old National Events Plaza

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About JA EduSpark

JA EduSpark provides engaging opportunities for educators to connect industry and classroom learning. Through JA EduSpark, educators will have the opportunity to learn about key industries in our region, hear from a panel of professionals highlighting in-demand careers, and tour the JA JobSpark hands-on experiences. Participation in this event is applicable to all Teachers, Counselors, and Administrators, including those wishing to fulfill PGP requirements, especially the 15 points required to be earned through externship, professional development promoting career navigation, or professional development relating to current and future economic needs.   

JA EduSpark Goals

The goal of JA EduSpark is to develop and execute a program for educators that allows them to experience what their students experience at JA JobSpark and further details in-demand jobs, and the skills and education needed to fill those jobs, as well as providing more information on the industries represented. 


  • Provide tools to educators to help them show students how academics connect to real-world experiences and jobs
  • Provide the opportunity to connect with the business community and learn about current and future economic needs
  • Provide information to facilitate student career navigation and connections to the business community  

Why is JA EduSpark Unique?

  • Welcomes all K-12 teachers, counselors, and administrators
  • Provides tools and resources for educators relevant to career navigation and exploration
  • Offers in-person, hands-on experiences for educators
  • Inspires educators to weave career exploration activities throughout core academic subjects at all grade levels
  • Expands the spark ignited at JA JobSpark into the classroom

Professional Growth Points Information

You will earn 6 (six) Professional Growth Points for your completion of the JA EduSpark Educator Program.  This consists of completion of the pre-event worksheet, the post-event worksheet, and your attendance at the event.  You will be provided with a certificate following the JA EduSpark event.  
*Please note: You are responsible for obtaining a substitute if one is required.* 
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