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JA Job Shadow

  • October 25, 2019
  • December 6, 2019 
  • February 7, 2020
  • April - TBD


About JA Job Shadow™

JA Job Shadow™ provides educators with experiential learning opportunities provided by employers to give short, practical experiences in a specific industry.  You will have the opportunity, along with your students, to connect the classroom to the workplace through conversations with industry leaders and via direct shadowing experiences at a job site.  
By participating in JA Job Shadow™, you will ultimately prepare students to achieve one the three E's – "enrolled" in an institution of higher learning, "enlisted" in the military, or "employed" at a livable wage, ensuring that all students have a clear path toward their future. You will be able to introduce students to a variety of professions and industries, allowing you to better understand what it takes to get a job and develop a career.

Goals and Benefits 

  • Connections to future, local career opportunities for students.
  • Unique professional development opportunities (PGP points provided) that connect the classroom to the workplace to improve student academic achievement, raise awareness of specific industries, and prepare students for future careers.
  • Strengthen knowledge and skills by helping to integrate business/industry-based knowledge into your teaching practice.
  • Exposure to future pathways for students.
  • Prepare students for realities and needs of the workplace.

Professional Growth Points Information

You will earn 6 (six) Professional Growth Points for your completion of the JA Job Shadow™ Educator Program.  This consists of completion of the pre-event worksheet, the post-event worksheet, and your attendance at the event.  You will be provided with a certificate following the JA Job Shadow™ event.  
*Please note: You are responsible for obtaining a substitute if one is required.  Junior Achievement will let you know what business/company location you will be visiting, and what bus you should ride with the students.*
  • "Junior Achievement has given me a sense of what adults go through with budget issues."

    -Junior Achievement Student
  • "Junior Achievement reinforced concepts for me to remember later in life."

    -Junior Achievement Student
  • "I thought the experience was amazing. The presentation was unlike anything I've seen."

    -Junior Achievement Student
  • "I liked how the Junior Achievement volunteer explained his job to us."

    -Junior Achievement Student

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