JA volunteers make school relevant and fun, which means kids are more likely to become contributing, successful members of their communities.  As volunteers share their real-world experiences and present JA materials, it helps kids bridge the gap between what they learn in school and what they can expect in the world of work.

A volunteer can choose from a list of open and available classes in the immediate area.  And if we don't have one on the list, we can work to secure it for you!  Just call us.

Volunteers are trained by a JA staff member and all materials are provided free of charge.

In as little time as 2-1/2 hours you can deliver life lessons to a classroom of elementary students, 5 hours spread over 5 weeks will be required for middle and high school depending on the program. Volunteering can be arranged to fit just about anyone's schedule - so what are you waiting for? 

Call the Junior Achievement of SWLA office now at 337-602-6483 to sign up today!


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