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JA Student Spotlight: Chereece Burrell

  1. What town are you from and what high school did you attend?  What year did you participate in the Career Connection for Young Women program?
    1. I am from Hartford and attended Global Communications Academy - Class of 2020.  I participated in the Career Connections program in 2017.
  2. What college/university do you hope to attend or are you attending?  If you are already in college/university, what is your major?
    1. I am attending the University of Connecticut studying Nursing and Psychology.
  3. What is one takeaway, skill or insight the Career Connections program gave you that helped you in any aspect of your life (school, career, personal)?
    1. The Career Connections program helped me to create my first resume.  Three years later, this resume still serves as my guide for any position I apply for.
  4. Share a career or life goal you have.
    1. A life goal I have is to invest in developing businesses, as well as create my own.
  5. Share a fun fact about yourself.
    1. My favorite colors are red and black.


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