Letter From the President

Dear Junior Achievement Friend,

I am so pleased that you have taken time to visit the JA website to learn first-hand how you can help a child prepare for the workforce and learn the value of money and ethics.  Often the discussion of money and careers is treated like the "birds and bees" talk; to make the conversation easier in families, click on the Students tab above to create personal goals.

The JA mission is to empower young people to own their economic success.  This is accomplished with JA trained volunteers from the business community sharing their career path to enhance the curriculum.

Every day that JA volunteers enter a classroom in our 17 county territory, a child will be inspired to have conversations and participate in activities that help them reach their full potential.  Students are learning new business and economic concepts with the aid of workbooks, worksheets, stickers, card games, board games and DVDs.  Business people like the opportunity to teach because they are experiencing labor shortages in certain areas and they can encourage students to graduate on time and plan post-high school education.

Junior Achievement offers twenty age appropriate programs for grades K-12 that are interactive and based upon three pillars that will lead to self-sufficiency: financial literacy, workforce readiness, and entrepreneurship.   

Teachers in our region have embraced the JA programs because the students look to the volunteers as experts in business, finance, and career exploration.  As much as we have all become wedded to our electronic devices, JA still requires interaction with a person and this type of program delivery requires a different level of engagement.   The JA programs complement the Virginia Standards of Learning and most often are a part of the Career, Technical, and Economics offerings.

JA has been a proponent of teaching youth the rewards of critical thinking, decision making and problem solving in a free enterprise system for nearly six decades.   To ensure JA's program growth consider becoming a volunteer or donor.

JA is only as strong as the community support.  Help empower a child to fulfill their dream job.


Katherin Elam