JA History Timeline

Junior Achievement of Southwest Virginia was founded in July 1957.  This summer will mark our 50th Anniversary, and here is a little history of JA over the past five decades, including all of those who have supported the mission from the beginning!
July 19             First JA of Roanoke organizational meeting was held
August 22       JA of Roanoke opening ceremony, keynote speaker J. M. Turner
35 board members, the first company sponsors were Allstate Insurance, American Viscose, AEP, C & P, GE, Heironimous, Elfun Society, Johnson-Carper Furniture, Times-World, Thompson Products, and Roanoke Mills. Scholarships funded by Boxley, Blue Ridge Stone, Webster Brick, Stone Printing, and Double Envelope.
First name: Junior Achievement of Roanoke Valley
First location: 15-A W. Church Avenue, Roanoke
First slogan: "Let's make Junior Achievement a major achievement for Roanoke."
Six Committees
Business Center
To obtain suitable housing and inviting quarters for Junior Achievement meetings; to see to it that all facilities and equipment are adequate and to supervise the operation of Junior Achievement companies.
Public Relations Committee
To publicize and create good acceptance in the community, by all means at your disposal; to arrange speaking dates on Junior Achievement; also open house and Future Unlimited banquet.
Schools & Achievers Committee
To secure the intent of a large number of young people fifteen to nineteen years of age to actively participate in Junior Achievement companies.
Marketing: Lunch with high school principals, bulletins posted in schools after
assemblies to show what JA can do, At the assemblies: Intro by principal, 5 minute talk by businessman, Film, JA Executive Director explains JA in Roanoke, and applications passes out/accepted.
Sponsors and Advisors Committee
To secure the agreement of the executives of business and industrial organizations to act as sponsors; to secure a team of three advisors for each Junior Achievement company; to make sure the advisors are adequately trained; to assist and stimulate the advisors to a most successful job with their Junior Achievement company.
Finance Committee
This committee prepares the budget and secures funds to cover the budget; it determines the means and methods of solicitation and supervises the follow through.  This committee also supervises the expenditures of money.
Awards Committee
To promote progressive awards, special citations, local awards and scholarship awards to be granted.
First Sponsoring Companies and Advisors
Johnson-Carper Furniture Co.
            Business Management: T.E. Whitmer or C.E. Breeden
            Production: H.W. Burnette or R.E. Hubbard
            Sales: G.M. Overstreet or John Willard
Allstate Insurance Co.
            Business Management: H.A. Atkins or V.P. Rudd
            Production: G.E. Johnson or E.P Shrigley
            Sales: Wm. G. Taylor or A.H. Wahl
Kenrose Mfg. Co.
            Business Management: Ernest D. Tate
            Production: Sidney P. Watson
            Sales: H.T. Orville, Jr.
Roanoke Mills Inc.
Business Management: R.M. Cassell
            Production: C.W. Franklin
            Sales: F.B. Patteson
Norfolk and Western R.R. Co.
            Business Management: E.A. Manetta
            Production: C.R. Coleman
            Sales: A.J. Graham
Elfun Society
            Business Management: A.W. Schmitz or L.R. Travis
            Production: L.W. Burnley or J.H. Morrow
            Sales: W.B. Lynn or B.A. Feldman
General Electric Co.
            Business Management: A.J. Kleish or J.J. McCusker
            Production: W.E. Baird or N.W. Owen
            Sales: J.J. Weiner or R.W. Tanner
General Electric Co. #2
            Business Management: A.E. Roscoe or W.R. LaPierre
            Production: D.E. Finnigan or F.J. Nardi
            Sales: J.E. Knight or G.B. English
Chesapeake & Potomac Tel. Co.
            Business Management: W.A. Nash
            Production: B.H. Gibson
            Sales: W.L. Engle or W.A. Stansbury
Appalachian Power & Electric Co.
            Business Management: Noble G. Marshall or C.G. Price, Jr.
            Production: Jennings W. French or Gordon H. Broyles
            Sales: W.W. Ford, Jr. or John W. Vaughn
Times World Corp.
            Business Management: Cranston Williams, Jr.
            Production: A.M. Powell
            Sales: Frank E. Koehler
S.H. Heironimus Co.
            Business Management: Harold P. Byrd
            Production: Robert L. Craft
            Sales: Arthur Hedrick
Thompson Products Co.
            Business Management: Jack Q. Peeples
            Production: John L. Haggerty
            Sales: John S. Brainard
First Board of Directors
Clem D. Johnston, Blue Hills Farm
Edward H. Ould, Executive President, First National Exchange Bank
B.W. Mahoney, Plant Manager, GE Co.
A.B. Camper, Director of Instruction, Roanoke City Schools
Robert E. Coller, Resident Manager, Allstate Insurance Co.
James M. Turner, Owner, J.M. Turner Construction Co.
Earl Wentz, Jr., VP and General Manager , Roanoke Mills, Inc.
Henry P. Jordan, Jr., Jr. Chamber of Commerce Rep., Richardson-Wayland Electric Co.
Fred T. Bromm, Ass't Cashier in Loan Dept., First National Exchange Bank
M.W. Armistead, President, Times World Corp.
Herman Buhles, Jr., VP, Hake Mfg. Co.
W.E. Dugan, Plant Manager, American Viscose Corp.
Davis H. Elliot, President, Roanoke Chamber of Commerce
Frank Finn, Plant Manager, Yale & Towne Mfg. Co.
Dr. Herman L. Horn, Supt. of County Schools
Graham Haynie, Jr., VP, Davis & Stephenson Ins.
Dr. A.H. Hollingsworth, Minister, Second Presbyterian Church
Father John S. Igoe, St. Andrews Catholic Church
Don L. Jordan, President, Johnson-Carper Furniture
Paxton C. Judge, Branch Mgr., Kroger Company
J.D. Lawrence, Division Mgr., Appalachian Power & Electric Co.
Robert L. Lynn, President, Heironimus of Roanoke
Richard A. May, Plant Mgr., Thompson Products Inc.
W. R. Moore, Conract Mgr., American Bridge-Div. U.S. Steel
Leonard G. Muse, Attorney
Arthur Neuhoff, Secretary-Treasurer, Valleydale Packers Inc.
James B. Richardson, VP, Richardson-Wayland Electric Co.
Harry Rosenbaum, Director, Roanoke Engineering Sales Co.
Dr. Edward W. Rushton, Supt. Roanoke City Schools
R.H. Smith, President, Norfolk & Western R.R.
W.A. Stansbury, Manager, Chesapeake & Potomac Telephone Co.
L. Randall Thomas, Plant Mgr., American Bridge Co.-Div. U.S. Steel
Paul R. Thompson, Mgr. Community Relations, GE Co.
Carl W. Whaley, Branch Manager, Noland Company
Vincent S. Wheeler, Owner, Fast Service Laundry & Cleaners
Reginald M. Wood, President, Securities Insurance
Roy W. Wright, President, Wright Furniture Company
January 26 – February 1            First official JA week in Roanoke
 A trade fair was held in January during the week and drew 750 attendees.  The first year ended with 18 companies and 16 company sponsors for a total of 433 applicants in the origin year.
The first JA company achievers were at: William Byrd/Yvonne Volz, VP of JA Burn Me Not Corp. (28 achievers), Cave Spring (34 achievers) Jefferson (147 achievers) Andrew Lewis High/Ashton Rudd, President of Broadcasters Company (10), Roanoke Catholic (55 achievers) and William Fleming (30 achievers)
All students were combined, not separated by school, and divided into groups of 15.
The student run JA company presidents were automatically made members of the Chamber of Commerce.
The first Executive Directors for JA of Roanoke Valley  (not certain of their tenure)
1)      Richard Lovingston (Dick)              4) Ed Murray
2)      Giles Kobilka                                   5) Laurie Gibbons
3)       Bob Crockett                                  
February 11     Minutes, The January Trade Fair sponsored by Achievers Association had 18 companies participating with 800 attendees over four nights and JA Companies sold $500 worth of merchandise during the fair.
April 8              750 Achievers enrolled
May 5              First Future Unlimited Banquet held
Awards Presented: Outstanding Salesman (Nancy Garland), Outstanding President, Outstanding Achiever, Outstanding Banker
                        4-$100 scholarships
                        Records indicate this banquet was held annually through at least 1962
October             Five area reps to attend NAJAC
Paula Kelley, Susan Leech, Nancy Garland, Roslyn Skelton, and Ashton Rudd.  
Speakers Bureau
March 10            Rosalyn Skelton, President of the Year attended ROJAC in Pocono, PA
June 9              New Board members
                        Blue Ridge Stone Company-Abney S. Boxley
                        William Meador-Roanoke Electric Steel
                        William McCathern-Colonial America National Bank
                        Barton W. Morris, Jr.-Times World Corporation
                        W.M. Otey, Jr.-Webster Brick Co.
                        Mr. Sprinkle-The Stone Printing and Manufacturing Co.
December 5            Welcomed Achievers Association representative as a new Board member,
Tommy Darnell
June 7              The area received 1st place National Industry Award and National Honorable Mention
Moved office from Church Avenue to Luck Avenue
January 30-February 2            Trade Fair
For the first time, National JA instituted in-school programs with Project Business for 8th and 9th grade students.
JA of SWVA piloted first in-school program called Applied Economics