Job Shadow Procedures for Students

  1. Teachers or Career Coaches announce Job Shadow program.  Students are informed that they may plan their own shadowing experience. Students will choose a business to shadow, plan the date on which they will shadow, make arrangements with the business to shadow and complete the school permission process in order to shadow.
  2. Students access Job Shadow application and find the list of participating businesses on this page below.
  3. Student completes application and chooses business to shadow from the business list or proposes another placement to shadow.
  4. Student submits the application to Junior Achievement through the JA website.  JA staff contacts the business to inform them that the student wishes to shadow and to expect a call from the student to schedule their day to shadow.
  5. JA gives the go ahead to the student.  Student contacts the business and schedules their shadow date. 
  6. Once the date is established, the student informs Guidance/Career Coach and his/her teachers. Student gets the appropriate permission form from Guidance or their Career Coach and completes it with their parent or guardian.  The permission form is returned to Guidance or Career Coach.
  7. Students generally shadow from 9AM to 2PM, for one day.  The time may be adjusted to suit business hours and the time lengthened if desired.