Volunteer Forms

Due to the nature of JA's work, we're required to collect certain forms from our volunteers every year (even if you've volunteered before). Once you've been assigned a class, you can submit these electronically through JA Engage. If you prefer to send in forms via email, please forward to javolunteer@jaswva.org

First, create a Volunteer Profile on JA Engage (click top-right button, 'Register'). Once you've activated your account, you'll be able to browse available classes.

Prior to volunteering, you'll need to submit: 


At the conclusion of your program, please complete the:



For volunteers in Roanoke City: 


  • RCPS Volunteer Form: Required by Roanoke City Public Schools once a year for every volunteer in an RCPS school. You will turn this in at the school (JA does not need this form).