2017-2018 Volunteer Awards


Volunteers of the Year

Denise Ory and Laura Tucker

We will honor these two super volunteers at our final Board Meeting on June 19th for their hard work and dedication to JA this year.  Between the two of them, they taught 14 classes at 8 different schools.  Their dedication and willingness to step in at any available time they have to ensure that our programs are delivered to all students in a timely manner is to be commended.  Thank you for your dedication to JA!



Rookie of the Year Award

David Hunter

We honor David for stepping in this year as a first time volunteer and assisting in 16, JA Finance Park Virtual classes at 3 different schools.  This is the first year we were able to successfully implement and complete this program at 5 different middle schools in Roanoke City. Thank you, David!



We can only highlight these 3 individuals but there are hundreds of other hard working and dedicated volunteers who helped us teach 438 classes and reach 6,611 students this year!  We would like to thank all of them for their dedication to JASWVA and helping teach the students in our area work readiness, entrepreneurship and financial literacy skills!