Giving Society Members

Giving Society Members are those individuals who demonstrate their outstanding support of Junior Achievement's mission to prepare and inspire young people to succeed in a global economy. Their multi-year pledge of $1,000 or more per year for five years allows for the continuity of Junior Achievement's work readiness, entrepreneurship and financial literacy programs.

"At JA BizTown - One day you are a student, and the next day you're a professional businessperson! We learned important words such as "free enterprise" which means "The idea that people can invest money in a business in order to try to earn a profit." I personally enjoyed being the town's newspaper reporter for the day since one of my career goals includes journalism. I love to write and fortunately I'm not camera shy. Move on over Diane Sawyer, here I come!"

6th Grade

"Over the years, Junior Achievement has not only exposed me to the world of business, but has granted me the privilege of speaking at various events. Through these speaking engagements, I have gained confidence speaking in front of large crowds and have been introduced to some remarkable people. These opportunities have been a turning point in my life inspiring me to pursue a career in the music business industry. I have Junior Achievement to thank for giving me these experiences."

12th Grade