2014 Laureates

The Band Perry Family

     What began with an October 1998 concert at The First Baptist Church of Grand Bay Alabama has grown into the multi-million-unit-selling act The Band Perry, the 2014 Junior Achievement of Tri-Cities TN/VA Hall of Fame laureates. The Perry family includes Steve and Marie, the patriarch and matriarch of the clan, and their three children, popularly known as The Band Perry – Kimberly, Reid and Neil. And while Steve and Marie shun the spotlight, declining interview requests and refocusing all outside attention onto their talented children, the success of The Band Perry begins with them.

         As the oldest of the three children, Kimberly had been the first to perform onstage, the basis of which eventually became a mainstream country act with her brothers. Buoyed by input from the recording industry, the family moved to Tennessee to be closer to Nashville. Steve joined a pediatric group in Greeneville. From that point on, being Dr. Perry would be Steve's day job, while the growth of The Band Perry would consume much of the rest of his time.

            From day one, the business venture that is The Band Perry has had a few hallmarks: Hard work and dedication to craft, unwavering commitment to the family's common goals, attention to detail, and discipline. The family made a commitment to themselves and to each other. They would not be outworked. The three young artists threw themselves into their craft, learning to play new instruments, honing vocal skills, and studying showmanship.

            Were there times when one member or another's commitment waned? Kimberly says that sure, everybody has good days and bad days, but, "One thing mom and dad told us early on was, ‘You're never going to be in the band just because your name is Perry."

It's that totally-committed mindset that has allowed the younger generation of the family to grow beyond just being talented performers into their current status as decision-making business owners.

        It's not surprising that the Perrys, with their underdog-friendly approach to everything from lyric-writing to business diversification, support Junior Achievement. The idea of helping the next generation move ahead in business holds a certain appeal for them. When asked what they would tell students are the most important things to learn early in one's career, the members of The Band Perry are eager to share. Says Kimberly, "I think the first building block in making wise business decisions, especially about creative things, is a real strong sense of self and understanding what you can sell. I think work ethic and passion is a huge part of it." From the down-to-Earth couple who met in Mississippi to the five-member family that remains, as Kimberly says, "painfully normal," the Perrys have achieved success by maintaining their individual and collective focus on the job in front of them. "We keep our nose to the grindstone," says Marie.

        Still, that doesn't mean that Marie and Steve can't take a moment to show a bit of pride in both their family and their company. "I tell everybody that when I grow up I want to be just like my children," says Marie. "The Perry family is the basis and the core of who we are and it will never go away," says Steve. "The Band Perry? We feel it's why we are here."