1994 Laureates

James W. McGlothlin

Born in Grundy, Virginia, Jim McGlothlin is the son of Woodrow and Sally McGlothlin. He had his first job at age nine, delivering 15 copies of the local newspaper. Within two weeks, he added 100 customers to his route. As a teenager, he worked at a clothing store and a skating rink. While getting his bachelor's and law degrees at William and Mary in just five years, he drove a school bus and waited tables.

After receiving his law degree, McGlothlin joined the Grundy law firm started by two cousins. He also ran a diner in Grundy, which he soon expanded to three restaurants.

In 1970, McGlothlin founded United Coal with six partners – his father, two cousins, and three friends. He ran his one surface mine with only eleven employees. He reinvested the profits, constantly improving and growing the mining operation. McGlothlin also expanded into finance, oil, gas, manufacturing and real estate. Currently one of the lowest-cost U.S. coal producers, The United Company's revenues exceed $600 million.

Reflecting his many interests, McGlothlin is active in industrial and professional organizations. He is an outside director for several companies. He is a former chairman of the National Coal Council and former president of the Virginia Coal Association.

McGlothlin is a member of the Board of Visitors for The College of William and Mary. His daughter Martha is currently ion law school at William and Mary.

An enthusiastically giving person, McGlothlin is committed to many charities involving young people. He says, "I'm very interested in higher education and am involved with children in the scouts and orphanages." The United Company has contributed millions of dollars to colleges, the United Way, Boy and Girl Scouts, orphanages, fire departments, shelter workshops, and senior citizen homes.