Kid's Corner


Older Kids

This site includes a useful, if dry, all-text primer on banking, investments and different types of accounts. But its two games are more interesting -- in the first, the Allowance Room, kids key in the amount of their weekly allowance and then click on pictures of cool stuff they might want to buy. The site will calculate how long it will take them to save for each thing, assuming they put aside all their allowance each week. Also, the Great Treasure Hunt teaches about the history of money, and gives saving and allowance tips.

To give your kids a taste of what it's like to run a business, download a version of (freeware) Gazillionaire. The game lets players run an extraterrestrial trading company, and in the process, learn about supply and demand, compound interest and profit margins. But despite cool sounds and graphics that spice up the game, along with on-screen tutorials, your kids will still spend a lot of time poring over pricing charts.


Younger Kids

Includes very basic primers for kids younger than 10 -- older kids will have their intelligence insulted. Topics covered include money, saving, interest, checks and electronic fund transfer. KidsBank also has calculators that show how long to save to buy a car or become a millionaire, plus a handful of quizzes to show how much was learned from other sections of the site.

Schoolhouse Rock
"Conjunction Junction", "I'm Just a Bill", and all of your favorites!

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