America's Financial Turmoil

With the pervasive news coverage of America's financial turmoil, our children may have questions about what is going on in our economy.

Many adults have a difficult time understanding-much less explaining in an age-appropriate way to a child-what is going on in our government and in our financial markets.

America can, and must, do a better job of educating our kids about effective money management, not only so they can avoid the financial pitfalls into which so many adults have fallen, but because our kids will someday run our businesses, our government, and our financial institutions.

It is critical for our young people to learn effective money management so that American communities, and our economy, remain robust. How can young people get the financial knowledge that they so desperately need?

Fortunately, there are organizations who are answering the call to educate the next generation of consumers about how to effectively manage their money.

Junior Achievement is one such organization, working closely with the business and education communities to deliver programs that teach K-12 students age-appropriate, hands-on lessons about how to be financially literate. JA has the needed programs in place, ready to go-but needs resources to implement them. You can provide a tremendous service by being a JA volunteer!

After participating in Junior Achievement programs, students see the important connections between education, career, salary and desired lifestyle. These students, possessing the necessary practical skills, will grow up to run our nation's businesses, government entities and educational institutions. Hopefully they will demonstrate more fiscal discipline than their predecessors in both their personal and professional lives, resulting in more robust communities and a stronger American economy.

Volunteers are serving as JA's educational lifeline - helping young people in the United States-and around the world-preserve the future of the global economy.

Through our focus on financial literacy, workforce readiness and entrepreneurship, JA can equip future generations with both the knowledge and inspiration to make choices that will not repeat the mistakes we are seeing in today's news.