Volunteers for Tyler ISD schools only please note:  This is in addition to the JA registration form.

Tyler ISD requires persons who intend to serve as a school volunteer with the district to submit to a criminal history check and have an ID badge to be worn while on any campus. 

This will have to be done prior to your start date as a Junior Achievement classroom volunteer in any Tyler ISD school.  

This process may take a week to complete, so allow time to get this done before you start your visits. 

* * * IMPORTANT NOTES * * * 

  • Select the "General" Job Position when prompted. 
  • Even if you were a JA volunteer last year you will have to register as a volunteer again this year.
  • If you are a former Tyler ISD student - Register as new volunteer - when it prompts you for your SS# just say "No" to skip that and proceed on with the registration. This is because former students have a SS# already in the system.
  • You must call the school at which you are volunteering to pick up your badge.  Thanks!

Please go to the Tyler ISD website (www.tylerisd.org/volunteer) for instructions.