Educator Spotlight

"As a former businessman here in Greenville County, I personally understand the importance of creating a pool of young, business savvy adults.  Not only does this strengthen our workforce, but it strengthens our local economy as well.  When young adults leave school they need to be ready to enter the work-world running.  Junior Achievement helps them prepare for these new challenges.  As a teacher, I am always looking for new and more interesting ways of making my lessons impact my students on a deeper level.  Junior Achievement helps me create a more interactive and relevant classroom experience.  I need Junior Achievement, our local economy needs Junior Achievement, but more importantly, our students need Junior Achievement."
Tom Rohrer, Teacher, Legacy Charter Middle School

"It is important that students have positive role models and a sense of economics. These things will contribute to them growing into responsible, contributing citizens. Junior Achievement provides my students with developmentally appropriate lessons that teach financial literacy. It is always a pleasure to have a volunteer in my classroom!"
Kerith Fay, Kindergarten Teacher, Thomas E. Kerns Elementary