Kevin Brown, a JA volunteer teaching the JA It's My Future program challenged his 7th grade class to come back the next week with their plan for how they were going to achieve success so that, he said, "You can see it and you can believe it."  The next week a 12 year-old girl ran into the class excitedly, exclaiming, "Mr. Brown, Mr. Brown!!  I have my plan!"  It is incredible, thanks to the motivation of our JA volunteer.  
Read her whole plan here...


The following comment was from a teacher at Berea Middle School, after the entire 8th grade, 207 students, had experienced a full day of the JA It's My Future program, taught by 16 volunteers.  Students, teachers, and volunteers were surveyed, but Susan Bramlette had to share her feelings right away!

I don't feel like a survey is an adequate way to let you know the benefits of this program.  I was fortunate to have two volunteers in my class.  The information that they relayed to students was invaluable and so applicable to what they will be facing in the future.  It is good for the students to hear from people other than their teachers  what they will be doing as they progress through high school and beyond.  Too many of our students come from families who do not have this information to relay to their children.

 What an activity-filled day for the students!  They loved being able to determine programs which might be in the fields they are interested in.  The activities were paced well, but at the same time students had multiple opportunities to spend time in thoughtful comtemplation.  The opening of the presentation was an attention-getter.  Students loved being able to create their own brand, an excellent self-identifying activity.

 Thank you for being here, for providing all the supplies for the students, and for providing the volunteers who so enthusiastically and willingly gave their time and energy to help our students.

Susan Bramlette
ELA Teacher
Berea Middle School