JA and HSBC "Crash the Classroom!"

According to research, 97% of educators believe global competency is important to students' futures. But do our young people have the global awareness they need to succeed? Watch JA and HSBC "Crash the Classroom" of a New York City school to find out!


JA Crash The Classroom with HSBC Volunteers 


Junior Achievement and HSBC teamed up to "Crash the Classroom" and converted a middle school classroom into a "global marketplace." The video reveals students' general lack of familiarity with other cultures – even those commonly seen in their own city - prior to the experiment. But interacting with other cultures changes their perspective in important ways!


JA Global Marketplace®

Crash The Classroom helps illustrate the impact of JA Global Marketplace®, a new blended-learning program that helps middle school students increase their global competence, created by JA and sponsored by HSBC. To learn more about JA Global Marketplace, visit here.


Parents, Help Bring the Lesson Home to Your Kids! Looking for ways to keep your kids engaged during the dog days of summer? Check out 5 Tips for giving your kids a summer with an international flair. Help your kids learn about international cuisine, global cultures in your own backyard, and the fun of money from around the world.