Junior Achievement Program Supplements

Economic Investigations

Junior Achievement, in cooperation with the Social Science Education Consortium, has developed 12 "Economic Investigations" designed to help High School students achieve a deeper understanding of current economic issues. Each investigation:

  • Provides a classroom orientation to explore economic concepts similar to the type of experience students would encounter in a laboratory science course.

  • Reinforces the development of quantitative skills by bringing economic concepts to life through the use of real situations.

  • Focuses on intriguing economics questions designed to spark student and teacher interest.

Microeconomic Investigation

Minimum Wage: Does Raising the Rate Help Younger Workers?

Macroeconomic Investigation

Inflation: Are Higher Prices the Only Problem?

International Investigation

Imports: Does American Employment Decline Because of International Trade?

Microeconomic Investigations

Women's Wages: Do Women Earn Less Money than Men?
Organ Transplants: Where Are the Missing Kidneys?
Poverty: How Can a Family Be in Poverty and Not Be Poor?
Health Care: Who Should Pay the Cost?

Macroeconomic Investigations

Performance of the National Economy: How Do We Measure the Economy's Health?
Employment and Unemployment: How Can Both Rates Rise at the Same Time?
Fiscal Policy: Can Congress Diagnose and Treat an Ailing Economy?
Monetary Policy: Can the Federal Reserve Diagnose and Treat an Ailing Economy?

International Investigations

Africa-U.S. Trade: What's in It for Africa?