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Junior Achievement Free Enterprise Society

Generous Gifts from Individuals and Families

Established in 2000, the Free Enterprise Society recognizes individuals from around the world who demonstrate outstanding support in helping Junior Achievement inspire and prepare young people to succeed in a global economy. Recognition is provided to individuals and families who have made gifts of $10,000 or more between July 1 and June 30 each year to any JA affiliate. Charter members and individuals who make gifts of $1 million or more to Junior Achievement over their lifetime, "Legacy Members," are entitled to permanent membership in the Free Enterprise Society.

Otto Bremer Trust
Capdevilla/Gillespie Foundation
The Clayton Family Foundation
Daniel G. Crockett
Mike Curb
George S. and Dolores Doré Eccles Foundation
Richard and Marie Edgerton*
William and Tina Flaherty
John M. Sr.* and Lyla Fluke*
Tom and Mickie Fox
The J.B. Fuqua Foundation *
The Goizueta Foundation*
Susan Hascall
Haslam Family Foundation
James R. and Patricia Hemak
Hollingsworth Foundation
Elizabeth K Holloway Trust
H. Wayne Sr. and Marti Huizenga
Dennis M. Jones Family Foundation
The Jones Family Foundation
Peter J. King Family Foundation
The Marcus Foundation
The McGrath Family Foundation
Burton D. Morgan Foundation
Pamela and Leslie Muma
Nasgovitz Family Foundation
Carole Curb Nemoy and Norman Nemoy
The Stiles-Nicholson Foundation Lynn and David Nicholson
Harry S. Patten, The Patten Family Foundation
Dr. Philips Charities, Inc.
Suzanne and Richard Pieper Family Foundation
Richard and Geri Prows
George F. Russell Jr.
Hugh K. Schilling
Stephan Sharf
Albert E. Suter*
Lorraine Thomas
Mrs. Delores Barr Weaver
WEM Foundation
Joseph B. Whitehead Foundation
Estate of John Brooks Williams
Otto Bremer Trust
Eileen DeVries
George S. and Dolores Doré Eccles Foundation
Georga and Paul McGunnigle
Bianconi Family Foundation
Walter E. Blessey, Jr
Blessey Charities
Carmen and Jim Campbell
Margaret A. Cargill Foundation Fund of the Minneapolis Foundation
Mike Curb Family Foundation
Adele A. and Donald E. Garretson Family Fund
Ann and Sean Kono
Carolyn and Louis Lucido
The Jim Moran Foundation
Redgrave Family Foundation
Kay and Sam Sheth
Carolyn and John Tipton
Victor and Karen Trione
WEM Foundation
Zeigler Family Foundation
Robert K. and Anne H. Zelle
Craig C. Culver
Lucy B. Gooding Charitable Trust
Jennifer and John Kelly
JE & LE Mabee Foundation
Evan and Evi Makovsky
Kate and Neil Malik
Karen and Marshall Mathison
Patti McKeithan
Vikki and Frank McMahon
Pamela and Leslie Muma
John and Emily Ness Family Charitable Fund
James P. Runnels
The Saunders Foundation
Harold C. Schott Foundation
Richard H. and Ann Shafer Fund
John and Anna Sie
Yvonne and James Ziemer
Evelyn and Frank Angelle
James and Dorothy Baer Foundation
Karl and Patti Betz
Boyd Youth Education Fund
Margaret and Keith Burns
H.A. and Mary K. Chapman Charitable Trust
Anne and Theodore D. Crandall
The Irene E. and George A. Davis Foundation
Lynn Hopton Davis and Greg Davis
Mark and Mary Davis
Sallie and Don H. Davis
Julie and Steve Dolcemaschio
Terri and Greg Ebel
Marriner S. Eccles Foundation
Scott Ferguson
Sandra and Robert Flick
Alta and John Franks Foundation
David Garfinkle
Gail and Greg Garland
Irving S. Gilmore
Gloria and Richard S. Giunta
Hall-Perrine Foundation
James R. and Patricia Hemak
Hough Family Foundation Inc.
Carol R. Jackson
Mike and Sue Jandernoa
Dennis M. Jones Family Foundation
The Kahlert Foundation
Mary and Ted Kellner
Lakeside Foundation
Light a Single Candle Fund
Robert Lloyd
Sara Lytle and Fred N. Davis III
Rodney O. Martin
Laurie and Tom McCarthy
Herman Meinders
Miller Family Philanthropy
Moore Family Foundation
Noel Foundation
Quirsis Riney Family Foundation
Paula and Rodger Riney
Saigh Foundation
Fayez Sarofirm
Hugh K. Schilling
Holly and Brad Schlossmann
Laura and Steve Sharpe
Marcel Smits and Virginia Perez
Elizabeth A. Sterchi
The Valley Foundation
Dr. and Mrs. Lacy H. Williams
Jacob Acharte
Dr. V.R. Alla and Mrs. Nirmala Alla
The Charlie and Moll Anderson Foundation
L&N Andreas Foundation
Anschutz Foundation
Tonya Antle
Alan S. Armstrong
Sanette and Duke Austin
Avedis Foundation
Shawn and Jennifer Barker
Margaret and Harris Bass
Kevin Bastien
Timothy E. Baxter
Tracy and Cy Beam
Laurie Beard
Russ and Trish Becker
Janet and Tom Behanick
Alice Ann Bien Memorial Foundation
Gina and Jim Blayney
John and Cindy Bloomhall
Melanie H. and Steven G. Booth
The Bothin Foundation
Barry & Gilda Boyer
Juliet and Scott Breeze
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Broyles, II
Catherine S. Brune
Rodney D. Bullard
Kim and Joe Burke
Edyth Bush Charitable Foundation
John Byrnes
T. R. Cain
James M. Carroll
Alice M. Aranguren-Carrothers and Troy A. Carrothers
Mark Cate
Ann and Clarence Cazalot
Hannalorre Chahine
Andrew and Sharon Cichocki
Janet Clark
William and Cheryl Coderre
Phil Cofield
Sarah D. Collier
Tom Congdon
Morgan Conver
Randy and Claudean Cox
Greg Craig
Cross Charitable Foundation
Karen and Chad Cundiff
Terri and Paul Danola
Darr Family Foundation
Alexia and Will Davie
John (Tripp) W. Davis
Matthew and Stephanie Davis
Lynn and Eric Delzer
Michael Deniszczuk
Sam DeVane
Doug and Maria DeVos
Richard and Helen DeVos
Lawrence DuBow
Mike Duffy
Barbara and William H. Easter III
Lynn and John Elsenhans
Valerie and Greg Engel
Arnold B. Evans
The Clyde R. Evans Charitable Trust
Daniel Farley
Ruth U. Fertel Foundation
Fishman Family Foundation
Nan and Bob Franklin
G. Andrew Franz
A. Friends' Foundation Trust
Harry Frisch
Andy Fromm
Kathy and James H. Fuchs
Sandra and Mark Fuller
The Joe and Sarah Galloway Foundation
Kevin Gault
W. W. "Bill" Gay
Doug Ghertner
David and Susan Gill
Henry Gordon
Jeffrey J. Greig
Larry and Jenny Grischow
Max and Helen Guernsey Foundation
Greg and Barbara Hagood
Jeff Hansberry
Harden Foundation
Hunt and Diane Harris
The Haughton Family Charitable Fund
Larry Hauserman
Hauske Family Foundation
The Helis Foundation
Kim Hendricks
Brad and Rhonda Holsworth
Bob Hottman
Interco Charitable Trust
Kate Ives
Tammy and Brian Izzo
Thomas A. and Mary S. James Foundation
Peter and Lisa Janzen
Christopher Jennings
Christopher and Karri Johnson
Paul and Renee Johnson
Edward Kadletz and Cathy Casey
The Kaul Foundation
Clyde and Marion Keaton
Kevin Kelley
Michelle and Joe Kelly
John and Nancy Kennedy
Dr. Renee Cousins King
John Klumph
Patrick J. Knipe
Dean Kontul
Jack E. Kosakowski
Steve and Cathy Lacy
Vercie Lark
Laurie and Mark Lashier
Michelle Y. Lee
The Lenna Foundation
Harry P. Leu Foundation
Larry A. Leva
Mark and Roberta Linsky
LRE Foundation
Mary Jane and Bruce Macklin
The Chesley G. Magruder Foundation, Inc.
Leroy McCarty
Matt and Aileen McConnell
R.J. McElroy Trust
Dick and Joyce McFarland
Gustaf W. McIlhenny Family Foundation
McIntyre Foundation
Paul E. McKnight
Mick Foundation
Harry C. Moores Foundation
Anne and Thomas Mootz
Gene A. Morgenthaler
Nasgovitz Family Foundation
Ed and Wendy Nekritz
Roy A. Ng
The Robert and Helen Odell Fund
William and Debby Oldenburg
Douglas D. Olson
Bob and Blinda Ontiveros
Doris Orechwa in Memoriam of Alan Orechwa
Greg Page
Vickie Anne Palmer
Kelly and Abhilash Patel
Neeta Patel and Dean Mathew
Shital and Bob Patel
Frances & David Pawlak
Paz Family Foundation
Helen Pekny in Memorium of Frank Pekny
Tom and Jane Petrie
Pettus Foundation
Justin and Valerie Blair Potter Foundation
Richard Powell
Scott Pranger
Jeanette H. Prenger
Tiffany and Scott Price
Jonas Prising
Nancy Buck Ransom Foundation
The Robert Glenn Rapp Foundation
Robert Reeg
Robert Regnier
Jami Gertz and Tony Ressler
Kathryn L. Rhodes
Rich Family Foundation
Dino E. Robusto
Michael Roos and Cindy Goplen
Kevin Sachs
Sarkeys Foundation
Scarlett Family Foundation
The Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation
Heather and Nigel Searle
Shavlik Family Foundation
Ralph C. Sheldon Foundation
Rocki and William Shepard
Leo M. Shortino Family Foundation
Lawrence W. Sidwell
The Siemer Family Foundation
Mary and Bob Sierra Family Foundation, Inc.
Marc and Rowena Singer
Thomas Slaight
Sandra R. Smith Family Trust
The V.O. Smith Family Foundation
Beverley Taylor Sorenson Foundation
Sorenson Legacy Foundation
Rich and Abby Sorota
Anthony Spikes
Mary and John Splude
Karen and Frank Steininger
Ellen and Charlie Steinmetz
Kathleen and David Stover
Norman J. Stupp Foundation
Donald Sturm
Sheryl and Joe Teague
Anna and Richard F. Teerlink
Buzzy Thibodeaux
The Thompson Charitable Foundation
Laura Tibodeau
Tippins Foundation
Stephen and Leanne Troy
Walter Turner
Jim and Judy Vaughn
Gary Verplank
Karla and Greg Vesey
Emily and Joe Viola
Tim and Lisa Walsh
Jim and Stacey Weddle
Wenger Foundation
Kelly and Raymond Wilson
Richard A. Woods
James B. Yard, Jr.
Bill Yardley
Zhenya Yoder and Alasdair Cathcart
The Anne and Henry Zarrow Foundation
Donald Zietlow
The John Steele Zink Foundation
The 1525 Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Ackerly
Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Aebi
The AIM High Foundation
Brian and Jean Addy
Amelior Foundation
Bradbury and Janet Anderson
Wallace Barnes and Barbara Hackman Franklin
John H. Bauer
Mr. and Mrs. Ned Bechthold
The Becker/Mohanco Family
Ms. Bonnie Becker and Mr. George Mohanco
Ms. Robin Mohanco and Mr. Becker Mohanco
Thomas E. Becker*
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin L. Beebe
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Behnke
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Benaroya
Berger-Solano Foundation
John E. Bernhard*
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Bevier
Mr. and Mrs. Gene Blanc
Jim and Gina Blayney
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Bliss
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Boeing Jr.
Linda Bowers
Thomas J. Bowers
Stephen and Camilla Brauer
Harold L. Brock
Charles and Camilla Brumder
Samuel Bryant
Edward H. Budd
Capdevilla/Gillespie Foundation
Wendy Gillespie and Martin J. Capdevilla
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen T. Carter
Howard and Sue Carver
Jerry and Sue Chicone Jr.
In Honor of Ronald D. Cody*
John T. Collins
John A. Conover
Lodwrick and Carole Cook
Steve Cortopassi
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan C. Cressey
Gerald and Lois Czarnecki
William H. Darr
Russ and Sue Darrow
Mr. and Mrs. Leo Dembinski
Douglas and Maria DeVos Foundation
Richard and Helen DeVos Foundation
Boh and Marilyn Dickey
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Dowdle
W. Ted Dudley
George S. and Dolores Doré Eccles Foundation
Marriner S. Eccles Foundation
Arnold J. Eckelman
Richard and Marie Edgerton*
Karl and Stevie Eller
Filstrup Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Fluke Jr.
Lyla Fluke In Memory of John M. Fluke Sr.
Jane Folwell*
Mr. and Mrs. Allan Frank
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Freeman
William and Ellen Freeman
Michael H. Freund
J.B. Fuqua*
Stephen A. Furbacher
Louis J. Fusz Jr.
Donald and Adele* Garretson
Bill* and Vieve* Gore
Elsie R. Griffin
Raymond and Harriet Haas
James T. Hackett
Michael L. Hackworth
David E. Hall
Hall Family Foundation
Mr.* and Mrs. Jerry Hank
Hunt and Diane Harris Family Foundation
Gerald L. Hassell
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Hatch
John and Judy Helm
James R. Hemak
Herbster Family Foundation
Henry R. Hillenmeyer
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Horne
Elwood and Ginger Howse Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Hubbard
Gina Hubbell
Thomas M. Hudson Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Dean Huisingh
Ingram Charitable Advised Fund
Ron Insana
William Janetschek
The Martha Holden Jennings Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Bradford M. Johnson
Dennis and Judy Jones
Ove Jorgensen
Clyde and Marion Keaton
John and Nancy Kennedy Family Foundation
Norman and Teri Klein
Patrick and Audrey Knipe
John and Linda Knox Foundation
Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co.
Wei-Tai Kwok
Todd and Fran Langley
Phillip B. Lassiter
Raymond P. Lavietes Foundation*
Dr. Sarah Layton, CMC
Thomas A. Leipzig
Arthur D. Little and Jann Leeming
Jerome* and Carol Loeb
Dr. Walter Loewenstern
Dan Lovinger
William and Ernestine Lowrie
Janis Machala and David R. Stenberg
Christopher and Elaine Mahoney
Jim and Sue Marriott
Mr. and Mrs. Dan McAuliffe
John H. McConnell
The McDonald Fund of the Cleveland Foundation
Daniel and Patricia McKeithan Jr.
Raymond McLaughlin
D. W. McMillan Foundation
Denman and Barbara McNear
The Meinders Foundation
John and Linda Mellowes
Thomas C. Melzer
Steven and Lois Mihaylo
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Morris
The Morris Foundation
The Horace Moses Foundation
Leslie and Pamela Muma
Jerry V. Mutchler
Jeff Nadeau
NewCity Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Nichols
Scott M. Niswonger
The Dick and Mary Nunis Charitable Gift Fund
Wayne C. Oldenburg and Melodie Wilson
William R. Oldenburg
Gloria J. Olin* In Memory of Thomas F. Olin Sr.*
F. J. O'Neill Charitable Corporation
Peter and Susan Ordway
Frank* and Helen Pekny
Suzanne and Richard Pieper Family Foundation
Norman and Elaine Polsky
Andrew and Kathryn Potos
Michael R. Preston
Dennis R. Purdum
Larry and Kathi Rambo
Bruce E. Ranck
The Reinberger Foundation
Gary and Gail Reynolds
Mr. and Mrs. William Riss
Grover and Jill Robinson IV
Ian Rolland
Roper Brothers Foundation
Jack Rudel and Billy Jo Harned
Charles and Elizabeth Schellhorn
Hugh K. Schilling In Memory of Paul A. Schilling*
Scott C. Schnuck
Ron A. Sege
David L. Shedlarz
Dr. A. Jess Shenson*
Thomas Marsha Slaight
Alex and Kathy Smith
Kay L. Spruill
John and Carole Steiner
The Stiles-Nicholson Foundation
Albert E. Suter
Mark and Patricia Suwyn Family Fund
Cliff and Betty Swenson
Nick and Julie Takton
Richard and Ann Teerlink
Ten Talents Foundation
John E. Toffolon
Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Tooker
Michael and Pamala Towers
Jean-Paul Valles
Jim Victor*
Anthony G. Viscogliosi
The Waldron Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald G. Wasson
Thomas D. Weldon
Linda M. Wendt In Memory of Martin J. Wendt*
Tim and Marsha Wepfer
Diane Widder*
Wilson Wilde
James and Ruth Wilcox
John F. Williamson
Liane Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Withycombe
Thomas and Frances Wolf Fund
F. Stansbury Young*


* Deceased
♦ Founding Member

  • "Junior Achievement has given me a sense of what adults go through with budget issues."

    -Junior Achievement Student
  • "Junior Achievement reinforced concepts for me to remember later in life."

    -Junior Achievement Student
  • "I thought the experience was amazing. The presentation was unlike anything I've seen."

    -Junior Achievement Student
  • "I liked how the Junior Achievement volunteer explained his job to us."

    -Junior Achievement Student

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