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Junior Achievement Free Enterprise Society

Generous Gifts from Individuals and Families

Established in 2000, the Free Enterprise Society recognizes individuals from around the world who demonstrate outstanding support in helping Junior Achievement inspire and prepare young people to succeed in a global economy. Recognition is provided to individuals and families who have made gifts of $10,000 or more between July 1 and June 30 each year to any JA affiliate. Charter members and individuals who make gifts of $1 million or more to Junior Achievement over their lifetime, "Legacy Members," are entitled to permanent membership in the Free Enterprise Society.

Capdevilla/Gillespie Foundation - Martin J. Capdevilla and Wendy Gillespie

Daniel G. Crockett

The Mike Curb Family Foundation Mike Curb and Carole Curb Nemoy

Mike Curb

George S. and Dolores Doré Eccles Foundation

Richard and Marie Edgerton*

William and Tina Flaherty

John M. Sr*. and Lyla Fluke*

Thomas and Mickie Fox

The J.B. Fuqua Foundation *

The Goizueta Foundation

Haslam Family Foundation- Halsam 3 Foundation

H. Wayne Sr. and Marti Huizenga

Dennis and Judy Jones

The Marcus Foundation

McGrath Family Foundation- Carlee and Laurie McGarth

Pamela and Leslie Muma

The Stiles-Nicholson Foundation

David and Lynn Nicholson

Harry S. Patten

Suzanne and Richard Pieper Family Foundation

Richard and Geri Prows

George F. Russell Jr.

Stephan Sharf

Albert E. Suter

Lorraine Thomas

Joseph B. Whitehead Foundation

Estate of John Brooks Williams


The Burton D. Morgan Foundation

Clayton Family Foundation - Jim and Kay Clayton

GAR Foundation

8 Anonymous

Pamela and Leslie Muma

Scott Pranger

Patrick F. Taylor Foundation

The Bechtel Trusts

The Zeist Foundation

2 Anonymous

Blessey Charities

Mr. Terrell K. Crews

George S. and Delores Dore Eccles Foundation

Stanley C. Gault

James R. and Patricia Hemak

Carolyn and Louis Lucido

John A. McAlonan Fund of Akron Community Foundation

Nicholas Family Foundation

Esther B. O'Keeffe

Suzanne and Richard Pieper Family Foundation

Salah Foundation

3 Anonymous

Brian and Jean Addy

Brees Dream Foundation

Catherine S. Brune

Ambassador Sam Fox

Edward and Cathie Galante

Teddy Lee

The J. Willard and Alice S. Marriott Foundation

The Miles Foundation

Harvey Najim

James M. Nicholson

Gavin O'Connor

Patti Roscoe and Jim Tiffany Gene Toombs

William Schawbel

Richard and Lesley Stone - Family Foundation of the Community Foundation for Palm Beach and Martin Counties

Yvonne and James Ziemer

5 Anonymous

Evelyn Angelle

James and Dorothy Baer Foundation

Shawn Barker

Paul and Cathy Boyer

David Carroll

William C. and Cheryl A. Coderre

Anne and Ted Crandall

The Irene E. and George A Davis Foundation

Sallie and Don Davis

Jim and Billie Ellis Foundation

Mary Alice Fortin Foundation

James L. Gallogly

Katherine and Thomas Hauske, Jr.

Dave and Kathy Hensch

Mike and Sue Jandernoa

PB & K Family Foundation

Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation

Mary and Ted Kellner

John and Jennifer Kelly

William T. Kemper Charitable Trust

Jeff Lambert

Bruce G. Macklin

Laurie and Thomas McCarthy

Lori McGee in Memory of Liam McGee

Georga and Paul McGunnigle

Patricia and Daniel F. McKeithan

Larry H. and Gail Miller Family Foundation

Gavin G. O'Connor

Kelly and Abhilash Patel

Poydras Street Investors

Karen and Joe Reinkemeyer

Solstice Foundation

Richard and Lesley Stone Family Foundation

Anna and Richard Teerlink

Dr. H.C. Anthony Viscogliosi

Taylor S. and Patti H. Abernathy Charitable Trust

Allison and Robby Adams

Ainar D. Aijala, Jr.

Marilyn and Donald Allan

Jeff Allen

Alan S. Armstrong

Philip S. Armstrong

Earl C. Austin

Armen Avanessians

Neda Barqawi

Manuel H. and Claire Barron

Steven Barry

Margaret and Harris Bass

Kevin Bastien

Timothy Baxter

Sandra Beach Lin

Matthew and Kristy Becker

Dennis Block

Patti "Bossert" Mellard, Key Staffing and Premier Employment Solutions

Craig Boyan

Niko Bringleson

Howard and Emily Bromberg Family Foundation

Joe and Dorothy Brown Foundation

Rodney D. Bullard

Kathryn and John Burke, Jr.

Margaret and Keith Burns

T. Randall Cain

Steven and Betsy Carlson

James M. Carroll

Bev and Don Chapman

B. Lynn Chastain

Beate and Christopher Chee

Philip T. Cofield

Kevin Coleman

Karen and Edward W. Cook III

Marty and Ted Couch

Couch Family Foundation

Colleen and Robert Cowen

Randy and Claudean Cox

Gregory Craig

Cross Charitable Foundation

Michele and Craig Cuffe

Bob Daniels and Family

Terri and Paul Danola

Susan and Russ Darrow

Tripp Davis

Lynn Hopton and Greg Davis

John W. Davis

Fred N. Davis III

Michael Deniszczuk

Doug and Maria DeVos

Richard and Helen DeVos

Steve Dolcemaschio

Ann and Dwight Duke

Marriner S. Eccles Foundation

Margaret Fechtmann

Ruth U. Fertel Foundation

Ann and Gary Fish

Sandra and Robert Flick

Lynne Ford

John and Mary Franklin Foundation

Drew Franz

Kathy and James Fuchs

Jim Gallogly

Charles P. Garcia

Greg C. Garland

Shelly and Tim Geske

Chris Giermek

The Glatfelter Family Foundation

Laura and Glenn Goodstein

Eugene A. and Suzanne H. Gorab

David B. Gold Foundation

Michael J. Grimaldi

Joyce Hank

Jeff Hansberry

Hunt Harris

Laura and Jack Harris

Lucille Scott Harris Fund of the Akron Community Foundation

Tom Hawkins

The Helis Foundation

The Amy Helpenstell Foundation

Kirsten Maas Helvey and Zachary Helvey

Kim Hendricks

Darice Henritz

Douglas J. Hertz Family Foundation

Perry Hewitt

Sarah and David Hull

Kyle H. Hybl, Esq.

Thomas Iannacone

John and Kate Ives

Thomas A. and Mary S. James Foundation

William Janetschek

Alan Jay

H. Fisk Johnson, Ph.D.

Jeff Kammerer

Scott Karnas

Clyde D. Keaton

William T. Kemper Foundation

John and Nancy Kennedy

Steve and Allison Kinsley

Deborah J. Kissire

Loren C. Klug

Ann and Sean Kono

Diane and Jack Kosakowski

Gary J. Kozlowski

Jim and Mary Krzeminski

E.L. Kurth, Jr. Foundation

Eric Lane

Laura and Fred Lay

Kathy P. Lehne

Deborah Leone

Larry A. Leva

Shelly and Jeffrey Likosar

Sandra Beach Lin

Robert Lloyd

Elizabeth and Nicholas T. Long

Thomas Long

Lisa Hemmat Lupercio and Levi Lupercio

Bruce Macklin

Kate and Neil Malik

Ryan Mansour

Mary Vandenberg and Keith R. Mardak

Karen and Marshall Mathison

Neeta Patel and Dean Matthew

John B. McKibbon Fund

Paul E. McKnight

Vikki and Frank McMahon

John W. McMahon

Jamie Mills

Ronald and Karen Modreski

Julie A. Monaco

Harry C. Moores Foundation

Nasgovitz Family Foundation

Gary and Peg Novosad

Wayne C. Oldenburg

Douglas D. Olson

Tim O'Neill

Doris and Alan Orechwa

Vickie Anne Palmer

Kelly and Abhilash Patel

Helen Pekny in Memory of Frank Pekny

Jonas Prising

S.J. and Jessie E. Quinney Foundation

Ed Rapp

Kathi and Andrew Ratner

John and Pat Rayner

Robert W. Reeg

Jami Gertz and Tony Ressler

Suzanne Ricklin

H. John and Diane M. Riley

Linda Rimer

Leah and Brett Rodda

Peter C. Russel

Lola Salazaar

Crystal L.Sampson

Michael Saunders

Holly and Brad Schlossmann

Scott C. Schnuck

James and Bonnie Schwartzburg

Greg and Laura Schwerdt

Ralph C. Sheldon Foundation

Kay and Sam Sheth

Leo M. Shortino Family Foundation

Lawrence W. Sidwell

Gavin Simms

Thomas Slaight

Sorenson Impact Foundation

Sorenson Legacy Foundation

Mary and John Splude

The Donald B. and Dorothy L. Stabler Foundation

Thomas R. Statnick

Frank and Karen Steininger

Albert E. Suter

Sheryl and Joe Teague

TLL Temple Foundation

Texas Pioneer Foundation

Thompson Foundation

Carolyn and John Tipton

Gene Toombs

Paul and Tracey Van Hoof

Gary Verplank

L.J. Verplank

Gregory M. Vesey

Jim Victor

Tim and Lisa Walsh

Bill and Kristin Waters

Kelly and Raymond Wilson

Richard A. Woods

Robert and Heather Worthington

William Yerman

The Young Family Foundation

6 Anonymous

  • "Junior Achievement has given me a sense of what adults go through with budget issues."

    -Junior Achievement Student
  • "Junior Achievement reinforced concepts for me to remember later in life."

    -Junior Achievement Student
  • "I thought the experience was amazing. The presentation was unlike anything I've seen."

    -Junior Achievement Student
  • "I liked how the Junior Achievement volunteer explained his job to us."

    -Junior Achievement Student

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