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November 5 (First early admission deadline) or January 7, (Second early admission deadline) for the following Fall Semester.


IIT offers three types of scholarships for JA alumni: (1) The Camras Scholarship, in which you can get up to full-tuition for four years of undergraduate study, or five years for architecture students. (2) The Heald Scholarship, in which admitted freshman are automatically reviewed for awards. (3) The International Student Scholarship, which is awarded to non-U.S. citizens who have been admitted. Transfer students are also welcome to apply.

Participation in any of the various JA courses as either a volunteer or student is required.

Number Awarded:

The number of Camras Scholarships awarded per year varies. All admissible undergraduate students are considered for the Heald and International scholarships.<


- The Camras Scholarship pays up to full-tuition for up to four years of undergraduate study. The scholarship pays full-tuition for up to five years of undergraduate study for students in the school of architecture.

- Incoming freshmen awarded the Heald Scholarship receive an average of $12,000-$14,000.

- Funds for incoming freshmen international students awarded an International Scholarship range in amount but are capped at $12,000.

Course of Study:

Architecture, business, computer science, engineering, psychology and the sciences. For details:

Special Requirements:

- The Camras Scholarship is available to incoming freshmen with exceptional academic promise and ability, regardless of major; on-campus interview required; outstanding applicants who have been admitted to IIT will be invited to interview.

- Every incoming freshman who is a U.S. resident will be automatically reviewed for the Heald Scholarship.

- Every incoming international freshman will be automatically reviewed for the International Student Scholarship.

Recommendation Letters:

Student's math, science, or English instructors, or guidance counselor. (Additional letters of recommendation are optional.)

How to Apply:

Online: or

Submit Application to:
Office of Undergraduate Admission, 10 W. 33rd Street, Perlstein Hall Room 101, Chicago, IL 60616
Chicago Area:  312-567-3025/Outside Chicago:1-800-448-2329

Questions: Contact Jill Sifuentes, Associate Director of Undergraduate Admissions at: