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JA Program Spotlight: JA Company Program®

Junior Achievement USA is highlighting each of its 22 programs through a series of blog posts to build awareness for the breadth of our programs.

Screenshot of new programThe new JA Company Program blended model unlocks the innate ability in students to solve a problem or fill a need in their community through an entrepreneurial spirit.

Each of the program's 13 meetings begins with a team builder exercise. It is then divided into two activities:

  • Company Ops is that portion of the meeting during which students build and manage their business. This usually will take the majority of the meeting time.
  • During the Deeper Dive, near the end of the meeting, students work individually or in groups to take a closer look at a business-related topic. This work will culminate with students creating a Personal Action Plan at the program's conclusion.

Program Basics

  • Includes a series of 13 meetings recommended for high school students.
  • Average time for each meeting is 90-120 minutes.
  • Program delivered to students through an online Learning Management System (LMS).
  • Introduces students to the key elements involved in organizing and operating a business, while empowering them to solve problems and address local needs through the entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Meeting-specific, student-friendly materials are presented to increase student interaction and emphasize JA's experiential approach to learning.
  • Correlates well to state social studies, English, and math standards, as well as the Common Core State Standards in English/language arts and mathematics.

Junior Achievement gratefully acknowledges The Hartford for its dedication to the development and implementation of JA Company Program.

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