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Save USA 2010

Save USA Parent Lessons

Parent Lessons

Have you ever wondered how to talk to or teach your kids about money matters? Now, more than ever, it is important that we give our children the guidance and information they need to be financially literate. Junior Achievement $ave, USA parent lessons help you to discuss and learn about money-management issues with your kids.

Save USA Teacher Lessons

Volunteer/Educator Lessons

Junior Achievement's The Junior Achievement $ave, USA initiative provides curriculum designed to help students develop higher levels of personal financial understanding. Through volunteer-delivered lessons, students in grades 5-12 are introduced to age-appropriate content focusing on saving and sharing money, establishing a budget and learning about credit.

Save USA Teacher Lessons

$ave, USA Interactive Lessons

These interactive money-management modules will help students learn age-appropriate concepts around spending, sharing and saving money.

Money Management Action Plan

Parents! Download this free Money-Management Action Plan to help you and your kids discuss responsible personal finance.

Teen Financial Survey

Read Teens' Views of Money-Management

Read what teens are saying about spending, saving, investing and using credit.

Volunteer/Educator Survey

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Junior Achievement gratefully acknowledges The Allstate Foundation for its dedication to the development and implementation of Junior Achievement $ave, USA.