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Hello everyone! I am Tommy Chavez, and I am a soldier in the Army. I am in Afghanistan right now with my team helping the doctors to fix the people that get hurt. Sometimes they are young kids like you. Today there was a little boy that broke his leg, and the Doctors had to fix it so he can play soccer, run and ride his bike again. He has a cast on right now, and hopefully he will be walking again soon.

I like  being a soldier. It is the best job out there. They let us have PT every morning, which is like recess, we get to run and play and get in shape. We are also Airborne Paratroopers, which means we get to jump of Airplanes. Ask your teacher or parents to show you a video of it because it is pretty awesome.

I hope that you all have having a good school year, because I know that summer is close.  I am sure everyone is ready for summer time.

Well everyone, I have to go. Take care and hope to hear from you soon!

Tommy and the 759th Forward Surgical Team


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