2018-2019 Volunteer of the Month 

Southeastern Washington Region



Bridget Bersell, PNNL/Battelle

April's Volunteer of the month is Pacific Northwest National Laboratory - PNNL employee Bridget Bersell. Her 16 years of service as a classroom volunteer is a true testimony of her dedication to our local students. She inspires multiple classes each year and enjoys building a bond with the kids during the course of the five weeks. Bridget brings an energy to the class that ignites a spark in the students, as well as the teachers! The teachers are always asking to have Bridget back. She is also a Company Coordinator for JA's Annual Bowling Classic and lends her services to help with event staffing. Congratulations, Bridget! Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm for JA!



Darrell Toombs, Yoke's Fresh Markets

Darrell Toombs is a seasoned classroom volunteer, this year marking his 15th year of presenting JA to our area students. He is always eager and willing to participate in JA, each year volunteering in multiple classrooms. The teachers Darrell works with are more than happy to welcome him back, and their students look forward to each of his visits.  Not only is he an incredible classroom volunteer who is passionate about helping students find their personal strengths, Darrell has provided leadership and direction as a  JA Board Member for the past 13 years.  He served as our Board Chair in 2013 and Bowling Co-Chair for several years.  During our week long fundraising event he spends most every night down at the bowling alley and helps with everything from logistics to fun on the lanes!  Darrell donates his time, treasure and talent to make our community a great place to live and work.



Casey Waddell, Banner Bank

Casey is well-known in the Walla Walla and surrounding communities as he "connects" and builds relationships with just about everyone…and everyone includes the students and teachers he works with in local classrooms volunteering with Junior Achievement.   He's a "veteran" when it comes to being a JA volunteer and teaches 2 – 3 JA programs per school year.  He NEVER says "no" as he loves the excitement of working and connecting with kids and being able to plant the seeds for them to excel later in life when they venture out into the real world.  With extensive expertise in the financial world, one of his favorite JA programs to teach is Economics for Success where he enjoys working with middle school students.  Casey helps them learn all about finance - credit, debit, budgets, loans, savings, investments and more - with the goal being that they'll be able to manage their own finances and eliminate financial stress as they become adults.



Richard "Tommy" Ryon, Bechtel National, Inc.

Richard "Tommy" Ryon, with Bechtel National, is our December's Volunteer of the Month. Tommy is truly dedicated to our local students. This school year he is presenting JA programs in at least 7 area classrooms! Not only is Tommy sharing his time and knowledge with the students, he is even spending twice as long as required in some of the classes to make sure the students are grasping the information and getting the most out of the program. Because of his loyalty to the students, teachers request to have Tommy back in their classrooms, and his answer is always "yes"! 




Marcus Mosley, Ssc North America

Congratulations to Marcus Mosley with Ssc North America! He has been selected as JA's volunteer of the month for November. His program manager Lena Tai Cable says, "he sets such a great example by his dependability, flexibility, willingness to lend a hand, and cheery disposition. He is so well liked by the teachers and students that they request him back each year because they are excited for his visits! The students are inspired by him and he is so committed to giving them a positive experience!"



Past Recipients of our Volunteer of the Month:


Jim Newman, Community Volunteer

Robin Wojtanik, Washington State STEM Education Foundation

Meaghan Hafer, Yakima Federal Savings & Loan

Matthew Neff, Petersen Hastings

Scott Witt, Banner Bank

Ram Prabhakaran, PNNL

Mary Stover, Community Volunteer

**Volunteer of the Year: Nathan Morgan, WRPS


Brad Anderson, Total Energy Management

Sarah Zessin, Community Bank

Travis Clifton, Edward Jones

Rick Hermann, AECOM

Walter Timmons, US Bank

Tom Osborn, Bonneville Power Adminstration

Lynn Chandler, WRPS

Aaron Rodriquez, Walmart

**Volunteer of the Year:  Karen Sinclair, MSA



Rick Reil, Realife Photography

Ralph Erath, Mission Support Alliance

Jim Fortner, Community Bank

Robert Plemmons, WRPS

Sri Nikhill Gourisetti, PNNL

Karen Sinclair, MSA

Chris Smith, Intellegration, LLC

**Volunteer of the Year:  Daryl Francis



Robert Farias, US Bank

Ted Anderson, Community Volunteer

Dustin Brown, Gesa Credit Union

Steve Hathaway, Community Volunteer

P. Simon Mahler, Mid-Columbia SCORE

Shawn Brown, Global Credit Union

Keith Walde, Wheatland Village