Volunteer Information


Caring business volunteers give their time and resources to inspire kids about preparing for successful futures -- emphasizing the benefits of staying in school and learning about financial literacy, work preparedness, and entrepreneurship.  Junior Achievement is possible because of the support of these people -- everyday HEROES like YOU -- who find ways to strengthen our community while supporting our children's future. 

Businesses and foundations understand the tremendous need for a well-educated work force and the value of contributing to the future success of today's young people.  They further realize the many benefits to their company's bottom line.  There is ample evidence that volunteering can strengthen work teams and build employee skills as well as contribute to professional development.  If your company doesn't already support Junior Achievement, please contact us and we'll be happy to tell them how JA Works!

JA provides you with your very own classroom of students, training and orientation prior to your first visit to a classroom, age-appropriate lesson plans and hands-on activities, and ongoing support.  It may sound intimidating at first, but teaching JA is FUN and rewarding, once you get past those first butterflies!  JA staff is always here to support you. 

In addition, the following segments are very helpful in preparing you for your JA experience:


Many thanks to  for sponsoring our Training and Orientation Sessions.


Once we've matched you with a specific teacher and the two of you have scheduled mutually agreeable dates for your presentations, you can get started. To help you introduce yourself and your company to the students, you are welcome to use and adapt this letter home to parents.