JA Executive Ambassadors are the true leaders, heroes, and energizers who expand and enhance their company's involvement with JA.  By encouraging coworkers and friends to learn more about inspiring kids through JA, you are empowering them to step out of their normal routines and make a positive difference in our community.  After all, it's the dynamic interaction between JA volunteers and the students that promotes active learning and brings theory to life.


In order to serve more than 10,000 kids, we need you to help us recruit 100+ new volunteers for the coming school year.  Together, we can do this by scheduling a JA information session for your organization.  We will help facilitate during your meeting and bring samples of JA's engaging classroom materials while sharing our enthusiasm and experiences.


If you've never had the opportunity to present a JA program in an area classroom, please give us a call and we'll be happy to schedule a time for you to observe JA in action! 


Thanks again for your support of Junior Achievement!