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Countdown to Resolutions for Teens

How old were you when you made your first New Year’s Resolution? Do you remember what it was? With 2019 nearly upon us, JA wanted to know if teens are making their resolutions for this upcoming year, and if so, what they were. According to a survey of 1,000 U.S. teens, conducted by Junior Achievement USA and ORC International, nearly 9 in 10 teens (88%) are planning on making New Year’s...
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Building Financial Wellness in Teens

You work out for your physical wellness, you eat right to maintain internal wellness but what are you doing to improve your financial welfare? By definition, financial wellness is the ability and understanding of successfully managing financial expenses. This concept revolves around the sense of feeling financially secure and free in the present day and future. Those who have achieved...
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Filling the Skilled-Workers Gap

Filling the Skilled-Workers Gap 11/27/18 4:26 PM Is a question that is top-of-mind for many high schoolers —what will I do once I graduate? For many, it has become the norm to take a loan out to continue one’s education for another four years at a college with the hope of landing a good-paying job. Yet recent  data  show that employers are...
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Veteran Entrepreneur Spotlight: Donald Coolidge

How does a veteran’s military skills, training, and knowledge translate to a business startup? One word…“Vetrepreneurship.” In America, U.S. businesses that are majority-owned by veterans make up  9.1% of the business landscape. That’s over 2.5 million businesses in our nation that are owned by those who have served in the military. To celebrate Veteran’s Day, JA wanted to...
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Teens lack of retirement Knowledge Should Scare You

Think about a teen that you know. How much do you think he or she knows about retirement? Where have they, if at all, learned about the topic of saving for their future after they retire from their career? These questions were the driving force behind Junior Achievement’s (JA) 2018 Teens and Retirement survey. Overview: From August 13 th  and August 20 th  of 2018,...
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