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Students from Woodland Hills Share Their Experiences with JA!

For our Pittsburgh's Golden Ticket, three students from Woodland Hills high school joined the staff at Entercom Communications to talk about what Junior Achievement means to them and why fundraisers such as Pittsburgh's Golden Ticket are important to the mission of JA! 

Click here to listen to these students testimonials about what JA means to them!

Read below about what Meghan Reichert had to say about her experience:

Junior Achievement has provided myself and my friends' countless opportunities and life-changing experiences including the opportunity to record this video with Entercom for Junior Achievement's Pittsburgh's Golden Ticket Raffle. These opportunities, which may sometimes be overlooked, are made possible because of this amazing organization. By simply just teaching Junior Achievement programs, it has definitely made a lasting impact on my life.

I have been teaching JA for three years and have taught seventh, eighth and even third graders interactive and intriguing lessons. By teaching JA I have been challenged with public speaking, which I had some experience with, but I also had to keep my students engaged, which was something completely new to me. By teaching students in my school, I have been able to meet so many people that I probably would have never talked to. I was able to teach the students many creative JA lessons that were full of valuable life skills that allowed them to engage with other students and be hands-on, all while having fun learning.

Specific JA lessons target different financial literacy skills and help develop new ideas within the students that prepare them for excellence in the future. With Junior Achievement's lessons, it allows the students to think about and expose them to many careers as well as learn a plethora of skills, for instance, making smart budgeting decisions.

Although I taught these lessons, most of the skills were new to me, and I learned just as much as the students I taught did. Learning is something people never stop doing, and with Junior Achievement I have learned so many amazing things that will help me in all aspects in life, with deciding what I would like to do as a career, being exposed to public speaking, learning the importance of budgeting and so many more things. Volunteering for Junior Achievement has made an enormous impact on me as has made me more knowledgeable.

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  • "Junior Achievement has given me a sense of what adults go through with budget issues."

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