What You Said About JA ...

Below are the Results from the 2014-2015 School Year Surveys
Results are updated in June/July of each year for the previous school year

JA of West Kentucky

Teacher & Volunteer Survey Results
Results are based on a 4.0 Scale

Question Asked Volunteer Results - Overall Teacher Results - Overall
The JA curriculum was relevant to students. 3.5 3.5
Students appeared interested in the JA program. 3.5 3.6
Students were engaged in discussion during activities. 3.4 3.5
The program helped students prepare for the future 3.5 3.4
The program improved students' teamwork skills 3.2 3.6
The program improved students' decision-making skills 3.3 3.2
The program improved students' interpersonal communication skills 3.2 3.2
The program improved students' ability to analyze financial information. 3.3 3.1
The program helped prepare students for the world of work. 3.3 3.2
The program exposed students to new careers. 3.3 3.4
The program connected what is learned in the classroom to real life. 3.4 3.3
The program helped students realize the importance of staying in school. 3.4 3.4
Rate the quality of your experience with JA.   (This question is based on a 5.0 Scale 4.5 4.3
The JA program met the standards required by the state, district and school  NA 3.6
The program aligned well with my regular course curriculum  NA 3.5
Overall Survey Results 3.4 3.4