Whole School Sponsorship Opportunities

Your company could be the sponsor of all JA programs for one of our area elementary, middle schools, or high schools. The financial commitment from your company, in most instances, would range from $1,000 to $5,000 (depending on the number of classrooms served at that school). Since most of our schools are Title 1 schools (over 50% of the students on free or reduced lunches) this sponsorship will help with local banks meeting Community Re-investment Act requirements. The volunteer commitment would be to provide the 10 to 15 classroom volunteers needed to teach our programs. Actual number of volunteers will vary depending on the school. The number of class visits varies from 5 for elementary to 6 for middle school classes, to 5-8 for high school classes (depending on the JA program selected). The time and length of presentations vary during the day and last for 45 minutes to 1 hour depending on the grade level.

JA Staff would also provide a one-hour training for your volunteers either at your facility or at the JA office.

In return, Junior Achievement will place signage recognizing your company as that school's JA Sponsor both inside the school. Your company would have the opportunity to furnish a letter to be sent home with all students. We have samples available. We will submit stories to the local media and pictures about your company's sponsoring the program. We would also provide recognition to your volunteers.

Classroom Sponsorship Opportunities

If a whole school sponsorship is beyond your company's budget, consider sponsoring one or two classrooms taught by your company's employees. The financial commitment would be $500 per class. This would provide you with more flexibility in placing your volunteers in classes where their children may attend.

General Operating Major Firm Sponsorship

Some of our Major Firms choose to make an outright contribution from $500 to $25,000 annually. These funds are used for general operating expenses.

For more information on the sponsorship options above, please contact the JA office