JA BizTown Online Volunteer Training

Thank you for agreeing to be a JA BizTown volunteer!  We truly appreciate your assistance with the JA BizTown simulation and we know you will enjoy the experience.  On this site, you will find everything you need to complete the online JA BizTown volunteer training as well as some additional resources.  There are two phases involved with the JA BizTown Volunteer Training:


  • Phase 1:  Complete the online portion of volunteer training
  • Phase 2:  Arrive at JA BizTown one hour prior to the students' arrival to receive shop training. Please bring a completed Volunteer Information Form (Download here) and Volunteer Conduct Standards Form (Download here). Phase 2 is important for a successful day.


Instructions for completing JA BizTown Online Volunteer Training

  1. Watch the training videos in their entirety (4 videos totaling approximately 27 minutes).  You need to do this on your own and prior to your JA BizTown date.  The videos are listed below with a brief description of each.
  2. Review the JA BizTown Volunteer Guide.  Feel free to print and take notes in this guide, and bring it with you as a resource.  The information you read in this guide will supersede the information you receive in the JA BizTown Training Videos.  The guide will point out information specific to our JA BizTown.
  3. Review the Volunteer Checklist for the specific business you will be working in. - Click here to view.  The checklist will help keep you and the students on track during the day.  If you are volunteering with a specific school, please check with the classroom teacher for your business assignment.  If you are a corporate or community volunteer, you will learn your business assignment when you arrive at JA BizTown. You will have ample time to review the checklist.    
  4. Review the JA BizTown Final Reminders.  This section will give you additional reminders for your JA BizTown day including information on attire, parking, logistics, etc. 
  5. REQUIRED: Complete the Volunteer Information Form and Volunteer Conduct Standards Form prior to your visit and bring completed forms with you to JA BizTown. The Volunteer Information Form can be downloaded here and the Volunteer Conduct Standards Form can be downloaded here.
  6. Arrive 1 hour before the students. During this time, JA Staff will train you in the business you will be working as well as answer any questions you may have.


Training Videos:

  • JA BizTown Kohl's Education Center-This video provides background information about JA BizTown and showcases the facility. Click here.
  • Segment One-This ten-minute video focuses on how volunteers engage with students during business start-up, including an essential "to-do list" and examples of ways to help effectively direct student activity. Click here.
  • Segment Two-  This six-minute video focuses on the central portion of the day, illustrating the timeline for student workflow, break schedules, visits to the JA BizTown bank, and business meetings. Click here.
  • Segment Three- The final video in this series (six minutes in length) focuses on the last part of the simulation, from the final student shopping opportunity to business clean up and dismissal.  Click here.


Volunteer Guide - Click HERE to view

Feel free to print and take notes in this guide and bring it with you as a resource.  The information you read in this guide supersedes the information you received in the JA BizTown Training Videos.  The guide will point out information specific to our JA BizTown.

In this guide, you will find:

  1. Program Components
  2. A Sample Daily Schedule and Volunteer Roles
  3. Personal Accounting for JA BizTown Citizens
  4. Volunteer Tips and Suggestions


Volunteer Overview

Click HERE for an overview of the JA BizTown experience and your role as a volunteer on your visit day.


Volunteer Checklists - Click HERE to view

There is a volunteer checklist available for each business in JA BizTown.  This document will lead you through the tasks your business will complete.  A clean checklist will be available for your use at JA BizTown throughout the day.  If you know your business assignment (given by the teacher), please take a few moments to review your business' specific volunteer checklist.


Final Reminders and Driving Directions

To help you better prepare, we have provided you with some additional information regarding the logistics of the day.


  • Arrival/Departure:  Please plan to arrive no later than 1 hour before the JA BizTown simulation will begin (please note, JA BizTown doors will not open until this time).  When you arrive, please check in and let the receptionist know you are there to volunteer in JA BizTown.  You will be asked to fill out a nametag and paperwork before proceeding into JA BizTown for the on-site training portion.  
  • Volunteers with schools: The arrival time will be confirmed by the classroom teacher.
  • Corporate and Community Volunteers: Arrival time will be confirmed by JA Staff via e-mail.
  • ParkingParking is free.  Please park in the front of the building which is located on the north side of the building.
  • LunchBring a sack lunch with you.  There is not enough time to leave JA for lunch.  There is no access to a refrigerator or microwave.  Beverages and popcorn from the restaurant will be provided at no charge to adults.
  • Attire:  Students will dress for their roles and we encourage you to do the same (not required).  We recommend comfortable business casual clothing and comfortable shoes.  You will be on your feet for a large portion of the day.  There will be a cubby area for you to hang your jacket and unlocked cabinets are available in your business for any personal belongings you may want to bring with.