Reasons to Give

What does Junior Achievement do?

Junior Achievement empowers young people to own their economic success. Our programs teach K-12 students crucial lessons about financial literacy, work readiness, and entrepreneurship: we educate youth about basic financial management and responsibility, prepare them to enter the workforce, and train them to become the next generation of leaders.



Why is there a need for Junior Achievement programming?

Nearly two-thirds (64 percent) of Americans believe that if we fail to take action and reform our education system, our ability to remain globally competitive will be compromised within the next decade. Fortunately, you can make a difference by supporting JA, the world's fastest-growing nonprofit dedicated to inspiring young people to succeed in a global economy.

"Tomorrow's leaders need exposure to global economics, business and culture that business volunteers can easily bring to the classroom from their daily experience. It was a personal thrill to see kids eager to learn about global trade and to be able to show them practical, real world examples. It is a great experience for all business leaders, one that should not be missed." — JA volunteer


Why should I make a gift to Junior Achievement?

In these tough economic times, it is clearer than ever there is a need for young people to understand the basics of financial literacy in order to become prosperous and productive citizens. Junior Achievement has believed this since its founding in 1919, and currently educates more than 9 million students a year with the message of financial literacy.

Junior Achievement of Wisconsin continues to be one of the most successful affiliates of JA USA. Ranked 3rd among 126 U.S. affiliates, the Wisconsin operation is the only area to be awarded the prestigious Summit Award yearly since 1987. The Summit Award recognizes program quality, customer satisfaction, overall management effectiveness, growth and financial solvency. Recently, Governor Walker presented Junior Achievement of Wisconsin with the 2011 Wisconsin Financial Literacy Award. This award is given based on innovative implementation, demonstrated measureable results, collaboration with partners, ability to replicate and impact on needs-based groups .

More important is the continued growth and quality of programs. Student participation in JA has grown by 19% in the last 5 years. This continuous growth is recognition of the value of JA programs by students, teachers, and volunteers. During the recently completed 2011-12 school year, 166,399 Wisconsin children attending 1,071 public and private schools participated in JA.


Why should I donate today?

The current financial crisis demonstrates that there is a vital and immediate need for financial literacy education. Junior Achievement reaches over 165,000 students in Wisconsin and over 9 million students each year across the globe, yet and there are still countless K-12 students who lack the necessary skills that JA provides to succeed in a global economy. Your donation will help ensure young people are prepared to own their economic success. Your donation makes a difference.


What does my gift accomplish?

The learning and experiences of each JA student is made possible with just a $25 investment. This simple investment will last a lifetime. Your $25 gift will shape a child's success today and success for us all tomorrow.

One teacher recently commented after her JA experience, "I believe my students are more prepared for the future especially related to decision making, finance, and budgeting."

Student: "I wanted to tell you because of this class I am going to start my own business. I really didn't know what I was going to do besides play football. Now I know. I am going to go to school for business education."

"What I learned from my Junior Achievement class that I didn't know before . . . How to fill out taxes – What my income would do for my future job – How hard it is to staff a business – Why it is important to go to college – Showed what I want to do with my life – Thank you." - Middle School Student Tom


"The best thing about Junior Achievement is . . . Learning about financial matters so I can be prepared for the future." Marcus - High school Student

▲ "As I look back on it, Junior Achievement was an experience that not only prepared me for college, but also got me acclimated to working with a team." - student

"Junior Achievement teaches kids (like us) how to make first impressions, identify your skills, to interpret employment ads, what to say during an interview, how to find and chose a job, how to build a resume, how to plan your budgets, how to calculate credits, about the stock market, and so many more economic things. I am inspired by my JA volunteer's lessons. Because of this amazing program, my JA volunteer has taught me a lot! Also because of this program I now know what I want to be when I grow up and I know how to get there. Thank you so much Junior Achievement!" Kelly middle school student