Volunteer Resources for our JA Volunteers

Welcome on Board to Volunteering with JA

Currently signed up to volunteer in a Junior Achievement class? Here are resources to assist you along the way.

Volunteer Checklist - A list noting helpful tips such as setting up class times with your teacher and completing the school background check.

Parent Letter - Before your first class, connect with the teacher to see if he/she prefers to email this letter or provide hard copies. This is an opportunity to let families know about Junior Achievement and about yourself as the JA volunteer. This link provides a Word document that you can customize with your name and organization.

JA Program Info - Looking for information on your specific JA program? Our programs page offers program briefs, overviews, and session program goals for each JA program.

JA Resource Videos - Resource videos are available on the Junior Achievement YouTube Channel. The direct links below offer training videos with tips on how to present each session of many of our programs.

JA Ourselves (Kindergarten)
JA Our Families (1st grade)
- Presenting all JA Our Families sessions in 1 day? View JA in a Day - JA Our Families
JA Our Community (2nd grade)
JA Our City (3rd grade)
- Presenting all JA Our City sessions in 1 day? View JA in a Day - JA Our City
JA Our Region (4th grade) 
- Presenting all JA Our Region sessions in 1 day? View JA in a Day - JA Our Region
JA Our Nation (5th grade)
JA More Than Money (elementary)
- Presenting all JA More Than Money sessions in 1 day? View JA in a Day - JA More Than Money
Middle School
JA Economics for Success (6th-8th grade)
JA Global Marketplace - Blended (6th-8th grade)
- Presenting all JA Global Marketplace sessions in 1 day? View JA in a Day - JA Global Marketplace
JA It's My Business - Blended (6th-8th grade)
- Presenting all JA It's My Business sessions in 1 day? View JA in a Day - JA It's My Business
JA It's My Future – Blended (6th-8th grade)
- Presenting all JA It's My Future sessions in 1 day? View JA in a Day - JA It's My Future
High School
JA Career Success  (High School)
JA Company Program (High School)
JA Personal Finance – Blended (High School)

Certificate of Achievement Templates - At the last class, you will provide certificates of completion for all students. This resource provides a link to templates you can download for your JA program so you can type student names on your computer. You can request the class list from your teacher.

JA Our Community 2nd Grade Program MP3 - Here is a link to the MP3 of the CD used in this program if you are unable to access a CD player in the classroom.

Volunteer Conduct Standards Form - Every year, we ask that you sign a volunteer conduct standards (VCS) and social media policy form which highlights policies while volunteering in the classroom. For minors under 18 years old, please complete the VCS for Minors Form.

We've Finished Form - After your class, please complete the We've Finished Form to confirm your class has been counted and verified for local program support.

Ready to volunteer for another JA class? Search and sign up online or contact your local JA office.