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JA JobSpark is a career and workforce ready initiative of Junior Achievement of Northern Indiana. This program connects thousands of area students to businesses and organizations in northern Indiana to "spark" their interest in careers and get them excited for their future. JA JobSpark provides the opportunity for students to learn about the skills needed for careers as well as the education or training necessary to achieve their career goals. JA JobSpark is an opportunity for area businesses and organizations to help build their future workforce! 
Industry Clusters
Advanced Manufacturing, 
Engineering, & Logistics
Agriculture, Food,
& Natural Resources
Architecture, Engineering,
& Construction
Business, Finance,
& Marketing
Government, Law,
& Public Service
Health & Life Sciences Hospitality, Tourism,
& Arts

Information Technology


JA JobSpark Career Expo

Junior Achievement of Northern Indiana hosts a two-day interactive career expo for 8th grade students in northeast Indiana during the fall. This event is meant to "spark" an interest in students and get them excited for their future. Students will take part in fun, interactive activities in various career clusters, explore new opportunities, and cultivate their interests in regional careers. They will learn about skills needed for jobs that will be in demand when they graduate while utilizing equipment that is used for those jobs daily.  After the event, students will have a better understanding of the courses they will need to take in high school, a track for post-secondary, and a clear career pathway that aligns with their interests.  



JA JobSpark Virtual Career Expo


The spring JA JobSpark Virtual Career Expo brings schools and industry professionals together through a fun, engaging, and interactive experience to inspire and educate young people regarding future career opportunities. Prior to the event, students participate in three short sessions that explore education and career pathways and prepare students for the virtual event. During the JA JobSpark Virtual event, students log in to the simulation with their school code at the established time. Utilizing aspects of gamification, students explore eight different industry clusters and learn about careers from our region through live industry cluster demonstrations, live industry Q&A's, on-the-job videos, and downloadable career information. Students are encouraged to visit as many of the industry clusters of their choice as they would like based on the research they conducted during the curriculum. After the event, educators lead students through a short debrief session to reflect on what they learned, explore goal setting, and develop initial career goals. Students have a better understanding of the courses they will need to take in high school, a track for post-secondary, and a clear career pathway that aligns with their interests. Students have 24/7 access to the JA JobSpark Virtual platform after the live virtual event. Recorded presentations and videos and live industry cluster sessions are added throughout the year for expanded 24/7 student access.

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