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At Junior Achievement of Northern Indiana, we take great pride in the impact we make and the partnerships that we form with volunteers, educators, and especially students. Take a look at some of our most impactful stories we have to feature and sign up to have JA Mission Moments sent right to your inbox.

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July 2022
JA Young Entrepreneur of the Month - Caitlin & Isaac 

Caitlin & Issac are each co-owner of the apparel shop, Deadstock Vintage. What started as a love for vintage clothing, turned into an Instagram page, then eventually their own shop.  Learn more about Caitlin & Isaac by watching their video. 


July 2022
She Can Dare to Dream  

"I'm good at hair. I can do curly hair, wavy hair, or straight hair. I even practice on my dog! And I watched my mom do makeup. I started to copy her, and then I became better than her"

Inspired by her grandmother, who is also an entrepreneurm Aeryn want to, one day, own a hair and makeup business. She also understands the importance of prioritizing needs over wants.  


May 2022
JA is Rebranding!

Junior Achievement of Northern Indiana is excited to share in the news of JA's rebranding across the entire organization. We are excited to share the new logo and color palette with you, as well as additional information on our new look and programming updates in this letter. 

Read more about our brand transition here.


May 2022
JA Casting the Vision Newsletter  

This edition of the JA Casting the Vision Newsletter features articles about one of our Fort Wayne Business Hall of Fame Inductees, an update on 3DE, celebrating the 10th Anniversary of our JA Wine & Beer Festival, and the success of our JAID Homeschool and JA JobSpark Virtual Career Expo event.

View the JA Casting the Vision Newsletter here.


April 2022
JA Young Entrepreneur of the Month - 

JA's Young Entrepreneur of the Month for April is Wayne High School senior, Amajanea'. She balances her time between being a business owner, student, and athlete. She currently has two businesses she manages, WristLitt and AJean Co. Learn more about Amajanea' by watching her video.


April 15, 2022
This third grader gets it, and so do you!  

"I love JA and want it again and again and again! It is so useful for kids, especially high schoolers because they'll be adults soon and need to know how to spend money well. Life is tough and that's important."

- Aylinn, 3rd grade student, Fort Wayne Community Schools


March 25, 2022
JA In A Day: Homeschool Edition

On Tuesday, March 15th, homeschool students, community volunteers, and parent educators gathered to make donuts in a production line, construct cities, design fast food franchises, and develop ideas for products and businesses.

Read the full article from the Waynedale News.


March 23, 2022
From struggling student to invested entrepreneur: Rudy of Rudy's Cigar Shop shares his story.  

These days, Mahara is far from a teenager with bad grades in a detention hall. He's a business owner and semi-retired financial planner in Fort Wayne, where he says that local leaders in Junior Achievement changed the direction of his life and helped him apply his skills in ways traditional classwork didn't.

Read Rudy's full story on Imput Fort Wayne


February 2022
JA Young Entrepreneur of the Month - 

Ayanna, a senior at Wayne High School, has always had a love for art, and it wasn't until her freshman year that she started taking painting more seriously. Learn more about Ayanna and her painting by watching her video. 


February 2022
Make An Impact: How will you impact the lives of students in our community? 

Support Junior Achievement of Northern Indiana in many ways. Volunteer, sponsor, share, play, or partner...the choice is yours, and the life-changing outcome is theirs! 


February 2022
Madeline, Homestead High School

"Junior Achievement propels students to achieve their best through purposeful education. Not only that, JA encourages students to gain the skills necessary for a successful future career and life in the community. 
I have learned that, with passion, anything is possible. Those who share your passion, or are sparked to take action because of it, are more willing to help further a cause."

Madeline has taken part in the JA Young Entrepreneur Marketplace and been featured on WPTA 21 for the art she creates, sells, and uses profits from to support local animal shelters. 


February 2022
JA Career Speaker: Josh Zacher, New York - based performer and choreographer

"There is nothing more valuable than getting firsthand knowledge from someone who is actually living the career that you are interested in."

Josh is a Fort Wayne native and spoke with theater students at South Side High School through the JA Career Speaker Series.


January 2022
JA Casting the Vision Newsletter

This edition of the JA Casting the Vision Newsletter features articles about the success of our JA JobSpark Career Expo, held back in November 2021, and an update on the new businesses partnering with JA and 3DE. 

View the JA Casting the Vision Newsletter here.


January 2022
JA Young Entrepreneur of the Month - Jack Hite

Meet Jack Hite,   senior at Bishop Dwenger High School and owner of Premier Mobile Detailing. Learn more about Jack and his business by watching his video!


January 2022
JA Young Entrepreneur of the Month - Delilah

Delilah, a 7th grader at Blackhawk Middle School, has a love for all animals and has influenced her to start her own dog-walking and dog-sitting business, D's Doggies. Learn more about Delilah and her furry friends by watching her video!


January 2022
Mayloni Dial, High School Student & Junior Achievement Young Entrepreneur

"In fifth grade on a field trip, I first learned about Junior Achievement and attended JA BizTown, which opened a door to wanting to have my own business one day...but I never knew that it would actually happen!"

Mayloni has taken part in the JA Young Entrepreneur Marketplace and been featured on WPTA 21 and most recently, in Glo Magazine.

View Mayloni's December 2021 article here.


December 2021
What Does Your Donation Do? 

Take a look at our December Donor Newsletter at some of the JA initiatives your incredible donations have supported.

View our donor newsletter here.


December 2021
Grace Connell, High School Freshman

"JA really has changed so much for me, my understanding about the community and the different jobs you can have. I know that is going to change the way that so many other kids look at getting a job, or running a business, or how they see our community and how it functions. It really is so beneficial to all of us. Thank you so much."

Grace so appreciates her many Junior Achievement experiences, including JA BizTown® and JA Young Entrepreneur Summer Camp, that she is a student ambassador through the JA of Northern Indiana Student Board.



December 2021
JA Young Entrepreneur of the Month - Magdalen "Maggie" Martin

Magdalen "Maggie" Martin is a freshman at Northrop High School and has a love for pottery. Learn more about Maggie and her business, Art by Magdalen, by watching her video! 


November 2021
Cameron, JA JobSpark Student

Cameron, an Adams Central Middle School student, is guided by Jen Royer of BAE Systems as he learns to build a circuit for aircraft engines at JA JobSpark. This hands-on career expo earlier this month was attended by over 4,000 8th grade students in northern Indiana.


November 2021
Mike Mishler, JA Board Member

"A lot of people aren't taught what they need to make good financial decisions. JA gives kids a better chance."

      -Mike Mishler, Financial Advisor and JA Board Member


November 2021
AJ, JA Finance Park
® Student

"I'm excited to live on my own someday but concerned about all the people you hear about who go into debt. I still need to figure out what I want to do and want to find a job that I like. Today was interesting because I learned how expensive basic needs are and I learned about all the different kinds of jobs and business there are."


November 2021
JA Young Entrepreneur of the Month - Noah

Noah creates bookmarks to spread the word about Jesus. What started as a kind gesture by making and bringing them to school, he turned into his own business. Learn more about Noah by watching his video!


October 2021
JA Young Entrepreneur of the Month - Cory & Milo

Boys Bracelet Business, a company started by two brothers, 11-year-old Cory & 9-year-old Milo. They started their business in April of 2020. Learn more about these two by watching their video!


October 2021
JA Casting the Vision Newsletter

This edition of the JA Casting the Vision Newsletter features articles about 3DE, a new educational method on Junior Achievement High School; the JA Digital Career Book; and the success of the long-awaited BEL Awards event, held on September 28th, 2021.

View the JA Casting the Vision Newsletter here.


October 2021
When I Grow Up

"When I grow up, I want to know how to save for my future, find a job I like, provide for my family, and make a difference."


September 2021
JA Young Entrepreneur of the Month - Meet our Young Entrepreneurs

Get to know our JA Young Entrepreneurs a little more. Watch the video!


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