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Junior Achievement of Northern Indiana Staff

Junior Achievement of Northern Indiana (Headquarters)

550 E. Wallen Road
Fort Wayne, Indiana 46825
Phone: (260) 484-2543
Fax: (260) 483-2133
JA BizTown®
550 E. Wallen Road 
Fort Wayne, IN  46825
JA Finance Park®
Lincoln Finance Park (JA Finance Park experiential facility) 
550 E. Wallen Road  
Fort Wayne, IN  46825

JA Staff

Leadership Team

Lena Yarian, President
Amy Hobbick, Senior Vice President of Business Development
Sarah Garrison, Vice President of Program Innovation
Karen Cooper, Vice President of Capstone Experiences
Hayli Beck, Vice President of In-School Programs
Rachael Caslow, Director of Business Process 
Abbey Shimel, Director of Marketing

Accounting Team

Carol Harper, Senior Accountant (
Dick Stahl, Accounting Clerk

Development Team

Maureen Shippy, Development Director, Allen County
Stephen Hilker, Senior Development Manager, Allen County
Danielle Tuck, Development Manager, Allen County
Heather Bontempo, Development Manager, Allen County
Dani Elgas, Development Director, St. Joseph County
Linda Tinsley, Development Director, Berrien, Cass, & LaPorte Counties
Jessica Hilary, Developement Director, Elkhart County

Courtney Whetstone, Development Director, Warsaw, Wawasee, & Marshall Counties
Jen Edwards, Development Director, West Business Unit, Lafayette
Bo Kuzee-Baumis, Development Manager, Newton, White, Pulaski, Carroll, Cass, Kankakee, Rensselaer
Nora Schwartz, Development Director, East Business Unit, DeKalb & Garrett
Beth Miller, Area Manager, Fulton, Miami, Wabash, North Manchester
Payton Rhodes Yarian, Development Manager, Noble, Whitley, LaGrange, Steuben
Sarah Schafer, Development Manager, South Adams, Decatur, Wells, Huntington, & Grant

In-School Program Team

Janet Howard, Senior Program Manager, Allen County
Kortney Castleman
, Program Manager, Allen County
Jenee Johnson, Program Manager, Allen County
Carly Kitchen, Program Manager, Allen County
Stephanie Bagley, Program Coordinator, Allen County
Brooke Lane, Program Coordinator, Allen County
Ava Winters, Program Coordinator, Allen County

Colleen Hahn, Senior Program Manager, St. Joseph County
Megan Hartman, Program Manager, Elkhart County
Nina Lilley, Program Manager, Berrien & Cass Counties
Kris Engel, Area Manager, LaPorte, Marshall, & Starke Counties
Ashley Bruner, Program Manager, Kosciusko County

Rachel Bingaman, Lead Program Manager, Lafayette
Amanda Berenda, Program Manager, Newton, White, Pulaski, Carroll, Cass, Kankakee, & Rensselaer

Adrienne Dirckson, Program Director, East Business Unit, Steuben
Emma Bond, Program Manager, DeKalb, Garrett, LaGrange, & Steuben
Danyelle Lewis, Program Manager, South Adams, Decatur, Wells, Huntington, Grant
Sydney Gregory, Program Manager, Noble, Whitley

Program Innovation Team

Ashley Adamson, Senior Program Manager 
Sue Jackson
, Program Manager
Pat Morello, Innovation Optimizer
Rachel Hoger, Program Manager

Business Process Team

Sara Manning, Business Process Manager
Jala McLaughlin
, Senior Data Specialist
Lisa Yarian, Data Specialist

Marketing Team

Taylor Wong, Lead Graphic Designer
Nick Harper, Digital Design & Production Specialist
Angela Elliott, Administrative Support Specialist

Capstone Program Staff

Robin Kitchen, Capstone Specialist

Jonelle Witte, Capstone Manager - JA BizTown®
Kate SweigertCapstone Team Lead - JA BizTown®
Lori Fehlinger, Capstone Coordinator - JA BizTown®
Carmen Cooper, Capstone Coordinator - JA BizTown®
Rachel Baker, Capstone Coordinator - JA BizTown®
Jennie Henry, Capstone Coordinator - JA BizTown®
Julie Regazzi, Senior Capstone Manager - JA Finance Park®
Tammy Joefreda, Capstone Team Lead - JA Finance Park®
Meredith Leimkuhler, Capstone Team Lead - JA Finance Park® 
Lisa Bonecutter, Capstone Coordinator - JA Finance Park® 
Cindy Zuber, Capstone Coordinator - JA Finance Park®
Kim Hepner, Capstone Coordinator - JA Finance Park®
Resa Hodnett, Capstone Manager, JA BizTown® & JA Finance Park® (Lafayette)
Liz Rosebraugh, Capstone Coordinator, 
JA BizTown® JA Finance Park® (Lafayette)
Amiya HattenCapstone Coordinator, JA BizTown® JA Finance Park® (Lafayette)
Nellie AubeneauCapstone Coordinator, JA BizTown® JA Finance Park® (Lafayette)

Building & Grounds

Robert Figgs, Custodian
  • "Junior Achievement has given me a sense of what adults go through with budget issues."

    -Junior Achievement Student
  • "Junior Achievement reinforced concepts for me to remember later in life."

    -Junior Achievement Student
  • "I thought the experience was amazing. The presentation was unlike anything I've seen."

    -Junior Achievement Student
  • "I liked how the Junior Achievement volunteer explained his job to us."

    -Junior Achievement Student

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